Parking @ Abertay


The cheapest parking available is at Dudhope Castle for £2.50/day, which is about 5 mins walk away. The nearest is West Bell Street, which is £2.30 for 2 hours.

The Wellgate Centre offers monthly passes for £60 per month, or £2 for 2 hours.

Dundee City Council offers a couple of car parking schemes:


Save costs on car parking - Liftshare

Driving to the University? Thought about saving money by car sharing?

Find car sharing partners and save money travelling to the University every day. Whether you work or live in Tayside and Central Scotland, you can find someone who shares your journey with the Liftshare website. It's easy and free to join and allows you the flexibility to drive into Dundee and the University campus. You can limit your search to find only people who are travelling to the University using Abertay University's Car Share Scheme.


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