Dundee Women’s Festival

Welcome to Abertay University’s Dundee Women’s Festival event!

We are honoured to be hosting an event once again, and proud to be part of this movement. Our 25th anniversary celebrations are coming to a close, however our mission to discover and empower voices of the university’s past and present still remains.

We do hope you enjoy hearing from 3 phenomenal women of Abertay, interviewed by 2 equally inspiring women from Dundee’s Young Carers. Each video has been curated into themes for you to enjoy, however the full interviews are available! Just contact us on archives@abertay.ac.uk.

Environmental Science student looking at equipment

The Interviews

All interviews were conducted by two remarkable young women from the Dundee Young Carers, Alyssa and Millie. As well as participating in the project, Alyssa and Millie are raising awareness of Young Carers, and providing support for other young carers in their school community.

Use the arrows to scroll through our four themes: Inspiring women, Women Making Change, Women in STEMM, and Planting Seeds for the Future. 

Two female nurses from Dundee College of Technology (Abertay university) on either side of a female patient. Nurses are propping the patient up with a pillow.

The Interviewees

  • Rebecca Wade is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science at Abertay University and a STEMM Ambassador with a passion for encouraging young people to pursue their interests in sciences.

  • Louise Giblin studied Biotechnology at Dundee College of Technology and was involved with a number of societies. Her student placement laid foundations for her future career at SEPA.

  • Jenny McNeill was one of the first students to study the nursing course at Dundee College of Technology. This was the first ever science-based nursing course in Scotland and that meant that she, her peers and colleagues at the college, all had to learn and adapt as a team.


Female staff member at Dundee Institute of Art and Technology (Abertay University) looking at data being printed from a computer in the 1960s

Inspiring Women

Our three interviewees talk about their inspirational journeys, and how they hope to inspire others along the way. 

Rebecca Wade, Senior Lecturer Abertay university, stood in front of the RRS Discovery, Dundee.

Women Making Change

All three of our interviewees have done incredible work. They've created safer and cleaner environments, pioneered the work of Women in STEMM, or been a part of the turning point in science-based education for our nurses. 

The Abertay 25 project is proud to have told the stories of so many "firsts". Now it's time to hear from some of the women behind them.

Jenny McNeill Graduation Photo with invitation, programme, and Ball ticket

Women in STEMM

Our three interviewees talk about their inspirational careers and experiences working in STEMM.



Women in the Lab c1985 - Abertay University Archive

Planting Seeds for the Future

Rebecca, Louise and Jenny talk about how their passions and interests became their careers and how this blossomed into more opportunities. 

We're reminded, too, that working within a team filled with people of different backgrounds and experiences provides wonderful opportunities to learn and grow through teamwork. 

There are so many ways we can plant seeds for the future both for ourselves as well as others. We just need our passion and drive to get us there! 

Louise Giblin

Thank you so much for visiting our Dundee Women’s Festival event! This Webpage will be up for the remainder of the festival so please do visit us again and share with your friends.

If you have any questions at all for Abertay university Archives, our interviewees or Young Carers, please email archives@abertay.ac.uk.

You can also catch Rebecca Wade on twitter @RebeccaCarrotte
and discover more from the Dundee Women's Festival @dundeewomenfest.


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