Physical Activity

Ways to get active at Abertay.

Walking meetings

A short walk can go a long way. We should all aim to be active for 2.5 hours each week and walking at a moderate pace is ideal. And there are lots of benefits - active people live longer and healthier lives.

So why not have walking meetings? This means you get outside, enjoy some fresh air and break up the usual routine. Walking meetings work best when you are discussing new ideas or want to spark some creativity.

Table tennis meetings

Staff and student teams can book out the Table Tennis Arena (room G11) to host meetings. Similar to walking meetings, TTTM's work best when the content of the meeting isn’t too serious, or when you are looking for some inspiration, fun and creativity.

Let us know how you get on by sending us a tweet @AbertaySport.

Exercise classes

The Abertay gym offers a range of classes as well as high-quality exercise equipment. Visit our Gym page for more information and class times.

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