Sports Development @ Abertay

Sports Development at Abertay aims to motivate and inspire people through sport.

We strongly believe in the value of using sport as a vehicle for learning throughout life and that the health and wellbeing benefits derived from leading an active lifestyle make sport and physical activity a crucial part of university life.

Therefore we want to support the Abertay community to develop sport across the campus and ensure that Abertay is as active as possible. As well as developing sporting opportunities for Abertay staff and students our work includes:

  • Working with schools to use sport as a context for learning
  • The delivery of sports lessons at Abertay and partner colleges
  • Providing CPD opportunities for sports volunteers and professionals
  • Providing exciting summer sports camp opportunities for young people

Sport can play a key part in supporting your studies at Abertay and helping you achieve Abertay Attributes, therefore make sure you join a sports team or take part in the physical activity opportunities organised by the Sports Development team to get the most out of your studies.

Sports Development Fund

The Fund has been established to provide financial support for activities or events which provide a positive impact on the sport and physical activity at Abertay University. This will include, but not necessarily be limited to;

  • Contributions to approved costs of students of the University whose sporting achievements are expected to lead to national honours or comparable status, (e.g. entry fees and travel to British Championships; travel and accommodation costs associated with national representation)
  • Contributions to costs associated with coaching and officiating qualifications which are of evident benefit to the University of Abertay, (e.g. UKCC Level 2 Netball Coaching Course)
  • Support for students or staff to deliver a programme of activity which adds value to the student or staff experience at Abertay, (e.g. weekly staff badminton sessions)

Other applications may be considered at the discretion of the Sports Development committee. The level of support, up to 75%, of the application will be considered at the discretion of the committee.

Application Procedure

To submit an application form, please contact the SDO on or (01382) 308954.

Communication of Application Outcome

The decision of the committee will be communicated by e-mail by the Sports Development Officer (SDO). If successful, the award of any grant is conditional upon the submission to the SDO of appropriate proof of expenses and appropriate proof of selection and participation in the specified events.

An application to the fund demonstrates a willingness on behalf of the applicant to be available for publicity and promotional activities on behalf of the University.

Each applicant will also advise the SDO of the results of participation in the specified events. Each successful applicant must notify the SDO immediately of withdrawal from studies at the University during the academic session for which the financial assistance has been provided.

Mission and Strategy

We, the University of Abertay Dundee, value:

  • Passion for learning and the advancement of knowledge
  • Ambition and enthusiasm in the pursuit of personal and institutional excellence
  • Innovation, creativity and proactivity in developing our learning community
  • Confidence in shaping, sharing and achieving our clear purpose and goals

Abertay Sport has the following core objectives:

  • Provide health and physical activity opportunities that meet the needs of the user
  • Develop sports clubs and their performance
  • Support elite athletes to fulfil their sporting and academic potential
  • Provide a framework for student development, including a programme of training events, courses and volunteering opportunities
  • Improve and maximise the exposure of Abertay Sport

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