Abertay Sport Service Level Agreement

Abertay Sport Service Level Agreement

Abertay Sport aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment where students can participate in Sport and Physical activity. Abertay Sport offers a wide range of sport and physical activity opportunities aimed at all levels from beginners to international level athletes.


Sport and physical activity at Abertay play an important role in University life. Exercise, at any level, plays a huge part in helping students to maintain positive well-being and improving their overall health. Ideally, we want all students to engage in some form of exercise or activity from simply going for a walk, to committing to try a new sport or joining an exercise class.

What to expect from Abertay Sport

  • A competitive sport programme, Abertay Sport offer a wide range of clubs competing in BUCS, SSS and regional competitions.
  • You will be provided with access to training and match facilities, access to playing kit and equipment, transport to away BUCS matches, insurance in case of injury, entry fee to both team and individual BUCS competitions.
  • As a social sport union member, you will be provided with access to training facilities, access to kit and equipment and insurance.
  • Support from the Sport Development officer to grow and development your club.
  • Administration from Abertay Sport for all training and match facilities.
  • A recreational free from cost physical activity programme.
  • On campus gym facilities.
  • Qualified and experienced staff who can provide free inductions, and training advice.
  • A range of exercise classes.
  • An Elite Athlete Development Programme aimed at developing and supporting Abertay students who compete at a high level. Students enrolled on the programme can expect financial support, the opportunity to apply for academic flexibility alongside mentoring and support from the Sport Development Officer.

What we expect from you

  • To reflect the University respectfully and in line with the code of conduct when representing Abertay Sport.
  • To treat all staff both at Abertay Sport and our external facilities with respect and understanding.
  • To look after and maintain all sport kit and equipment provided by Abertay Sport.
  • To make every effort to return all sport kit and equipment in full.
  • To use the external facilities respectfully and in line with operating procedures.
  • To pay the appropriate membership fee for both the Sports Union and campus gym.
  • Sport club committee members to be actively involved in the growth and development of their clubs and to attend the training sessions put in place by the Sport Development Officer
  • Make every effort to reply to communication from the sport office in a timely manner.
  • Let us know how your feel about our provision, and facilities; your experience is important in helping us improve and to be as effective as we can be.

What we want you to know

  • The University subsidises most of the cost of playing competitive sports to enable our students to play sport at Abertay.
  • Although there is a membership fee for each sports club, Abertay Sport covers around 60% of the total cost for students who play sport.
  • Information on all our sport clubs and how to contact them can be found on the Abertay Sport webpage.
  • Every year Abertay Sport conduct a sports union survey to gain feedback from our members which allows us to improve and develop the service.
  • We want Abertay Sport to be an asset to the university and to the students who study here.
  • We aim to continually to improve what we offer – and that means we want your ideas and suggestions. To help us do that contact sport@abertay.ac.uk or come in and see us in the bottom floor of the Graham Building.

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