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Abertay University's portfolio of credit-bearing short courses builds on its reputation for innovation in education. Our short courses will give you digital business skills valued by all sectors.

Courses and start dates 

Each short course is worth 5-credits, is fully funded and delivered 100% online.

The courses available are:

  1. Understanding the Cybersecurity Threat (THIS COURSE IS CURRENTLY FULL)

  2. Making your Supply Chain Digital (THIS COURSE IS CURRENTLY FULL)

  3. Making your Customer Interactions Digital (THIS COURSE IS CURRENTLY FULL)

  4. Implementing Digital Solutions (THIS COURSE IS CURRENTLY FULL)

Who are the courses for?

These micro-credentials are for those who are interested in learning the key concepts and ideas underpinning digital business. The courses are non-technical; rather, they focus on the management aspects of organising business activities aiming to draw insights into what is involved in using a variety of options in the online and IT environment. These courses will be useful for anyone who wants to familiarise themselves with how companies approach the tasks within a broad area of digital business.

These courses are also suited for employees, contractors, those who are self-employed, partners in organisations, especially small to medium sized businesses, charities and third sector organisations.

What will the courses offer students?

  • The qualifications needed to understand challenges and opportunities facing companies that are running or thinking of launching digital business projects

  • Knowledge and skills to advance understanding of strategic perspective on digital business 

  • A rewarding, accredited learning experience 

  • An introduction to university education that can be used to get back into education full-time

What can students expect?

  • A credited university qualification

  • Interactive sessions

  • Discussion of current practice and examples demonstrated by firms involved in digital business

How is each course delivered?

These courses are delivered 100% online and each course runs for three weeks. The first two weeks are dedicated to engaging with the learning materials, brought to you by knowledgeable and experienced lecturers. The third week is timetabled for the assessment which is a multiple-choice test designed to gauge the ability to apply the lessons learnt in the course to various scenarios. Each course will account for a total of 50 hours of time flexibility delivered to suit your schedule and home commitments.

Courses - information and dates

Understanding the Cybersecurity Threat


5 SCQF | Level 9

Explore the importance of cybersecurity in a digital world. This course examines the cyber threat landscape and how organisations can maintain an appropriate level of cybersecurity. You will learn how to apply a risk-based approach to select appropriate methods of securing systems and data. In addition, the course examines organisational responsibilities to comply with GDPR using a 3D immersive learning App with work based scenarios.

Understanding the Cybersecurity Threat will discuss the following topics:

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity 

  • Understanding the Cyber Threat Landscape

  • Managing Cybersecurity using a Risk-based Approach

  • Sociotechnical Approaches to Cybersecurity

  • Understanding Organisational Responsibilities to Comply with GDPR


Week 1:

W/C Monday 2 May 2022

Week 2:

W/C Monday 9 May 2022


W/C Monday 16 May 2022

Making your Supply Chain Digital


5 SCQF | Level 9

This short course addresses the gap in digital talent as it regards managing an increasingly digital supply chain. It demonstrates how to apply Industry 4.0 and introduces you to digital supply chain management concepts, practices and technology applications to their manufacturing operation where relevant and aligned with their strategic objectives. You will also be able to distinguish the difference between buzzword-jargon and real, tangible, relevant technologies to improve their operation without being intimidated.

Making your Supply Chain Digital will discuss the following topics:

  • Supply Chain Digital Transformation Roadmap

  • Digital Organisation Culture Analysis

  • Operations Management

  • Supply Chain Automation


Week 1:

W/C Monday 30 May 2022

Week 2:

W/C Monday 6 June 2022


W/C Monday 13 June 2022

Making your Customer Interactions Digital


5 SCQF | Level 9

This course introduces approaches to organising digital communication with customers and identifies a range of options that companies can use for this purpose.

Making your Customer Interactions Digital will discuss the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Digital Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM)

  • How to Enhance CRM

  • Challenges Facing CRM

  • Customer Experience at Digital Touchpoints

  • Embedding e-CRM and Social CRM into the Company's Strategy

  • How a Company can Engage Customers in Social CRM


Week 1:

W/C Monday 27 June 2022

Week 2:

W/C Monday 4 July 2022


W/C Monday 11 July 2022

Implementing Digital Solutions


5 SCQF | Level 9

This course discusses how digital business could be integrated in the company’s strategy and introduces the concept of value creation in digital business. It also highlights internal organisation of digital business by contrasting the customer's perspective and the company’s perspective.

Implementing Digital Solutions will discuss the following topics:

  • The Need for Alignment of Digital Business with the Overall Company’s Strategy

  • The Value Creation Model in Digital Business 

  • The Customer's Perspective and the Company’s Perspective

  • Model Application used to Protect the Company's Digital Business from Imitation


Week 1:

W/C Monday 18 July 2022

Week 2:

W/C Monday 25 July 2022


W/C Monday 1 August 2022

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