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A suite of four credit-bearing courses

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Abertay University's portfolio of credit-bearing short courses builds on its reputation for innovation in education. Our short courses will give you digital marketing skills valued by all sectors.

Courses and start dates

Each short course is worth 5-credits, is fully funded and delivered 100% online.

The courses available are:

  1. Digital Marketing Audit (THIS COURSE IS CURRENTLY FULL)

  2. Digital Marketing Strategy (THIS COURSE IS CURRENTLY FULL)

  3. Digital Marketing Toolkit (THIS COURSE IS CURRENTLY FULL)

  4. Digital Marketing Metrics (THIS COURSE IS CURRENTLY FULL)

Who are the courses for?

Our courses are suited for employees, contractors, partners in organisations, especially small to medium businesses, charities and third sector organisations who aim to boost their digital marketing skills and the marketing performance of their organisation on digital platforms.

These courses also cater to people who are self-employed, looking for a new skill, looking to progress in their careers, targeting a change in careers or who might have recently taken on a new role at work and want to support that role with training and knowledge to execute successfully or build confidence in their skillset.

What will the courses offer students?

  • The qualifications needed to explore and start a new career

  • Skills to progress in your current occupation

  • A rewarding, accredited learning experience¬†

  • An introduction to university education that can be used to get back into education full-time

What can students expect?

  • Guided online learning

  • Discussion forum guided by a module tutor

  • Practical application

  • A credited university qualification

How is each course delivered?

These courses are delivered 100% online and each course runs for three weeks. The first two weeks are dedicated to engaging with the learning materials, brought to you by knowledgeable and experienced lecturers. In addition, the learners will be able to share their views and experience, as well as receive feedback from a module tutor, via a discussion forum in each course. The third week is timetabled for the assessment which is a multiple-choice test designed to gauge the ability to apply the lessons learnt in the course to various scenarios. Each course will account for a total of 50 hours of time flexibility delivered to suit your schedule and home commitments.

Another element of the courses is a practical formative activity where students submit how they would apply a certain digital marketing tool within the context of their organisation or an organisation of their choice e.g. conducting a digital audit or creating a digital strategy.


Courses - information and dates

Digital Marketing Audit


5 SCQF | Level 9

Explore the digital environment while being introduced to the foundations of digital marketing. This short course introduces you to the function and role of digital marketing within organisations and teaches you to understand the internal and external elements of the environment for which organisations create digital marketing strategies. Explore strategies for auditing company performance on digital media and understanding the behaviours and requirements of the digital customer.

Digital Marketing Audit will discuss the following topics:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • The Digital Marketing Environment

  • Conducting a Digital Audit

  • Understanding the Digital Customer


Week 1:

w/c Monday 16th January 2023

Week 2: 

w/c Monday 23rd January 2023


w/c Monday 30th January 2023

Digital Marketing Strategy


5 SCQF | Level 9

Learn the foundations and understand how effective digital marketing strategies are created. This course introduces you to the creative and strategic process that supports effective digital marketing. Examine the media and tools used for creating digital marketing campaigns and position digital marketing within the organisations overall marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy will discuss the following topics:

  • The Planning Process

  • Media and Tools Planning

  • Digital Marketing Communications Campaigns

  • Integrated Digital Marketing


Week 1:

w/c Monday 13th February 2023

Week 2:

w/c Monday 20th February 2023


w/c Monday 27th February 2023

Digital Marketing Toolkit


5 SCQF | Level 9

Gain knowledge about the digital tools that support organisations marketing and communications requirements. This short course will teach you about selecting and managing the appropriate tools for digital marketing. Digital Marketing Toolkit supports developing skills in content creation, social media marketing and SEO.

Digital Marketing Toolkit will discuss the following topics:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing

  • SEO, Email and Content Marketing

  • Online Advertising


Week 1:

w/c Monday 13th March 2023

Week 2:

w/c Monday 20th March 2023


w/c Monday 27th March 2023

Digital Marketing Metrics


5 SCQF | Level 9

Master the basics of digital analytics and understand ways of measuring the success of digital marketing strategies. This course equips you with the skills necessary to monitor digital campaigns and use insights to make critical business decisions.

Digital Marketing Metrics will discuss the following topics:

  • Digital Campaign Tracking

  • Metrics and Analytics¬†

  • Creating Reports

  • Data-driven Decision-making


Week 1:

w/c Monday 10th April 2023

Week 2:

w/c Monday 17th April 2023


w/c Monday 24th April 2023

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