Graduate Certificate

Receive a Graduate Certificate in Digital Business upon completing our range of short courses

Abertay University has a focus on teaching quality, widening access and employability which has been realised via our offering of a Graduate Certificate in Digital Business. Through our range of short courses in Digital Marketing, Managing Transformational Change and Digital Business, we are providing members of our community the opportunity to achieve their full potential in current or future employment.

Who is our target audience?

The Graduate Certificate is designed for employees, contractors, partners in organisations, especially small to medium sized businesses and charities and third sector organisations who are looking for ways to re-skill or upskill and use digital media and tools strategically to transform their organisations and their careers for the increasingly digital world.

These courses also cater to people who are self-employed, looking for a new skill, looking to progress in their careers, targeting a change in careers or who might have recently taken on a new role at work and want to support that role with the training and knowledge to execute successfully or build confidence in their skillset.

What will our students receive?

The Graduate Certificate is issued under the Scottish Credits and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) and our Abertay University regulations. A successful completion of 60 credits at Level 9 or above from a fixed portfolio of courses qualifies candidates for this named certificate. Students should complete any combination of courses up to a minimum of 60 credits from the list below and request registration for a Graduate Certificate. Receiving the Graduate Certificate provides tangible evidence for yourself as well as your current and future employers of your skillset.

How will our students learn?

Students who receive Abertay's Graduate Certificate in Digital Business gain a range of skills in:

  • Creating effective digital marketing strategies for their personal brands and organisations

  • Managing transformational change within organisations inspired by digital and environmental matters

  • Exploring the range of elements in supply chain management, digital interactions and cybersecurity protocols influencing the practice of digital business

Through these courses our students will be able to demonstrate:

  • Knowledge and Understanding: Demonstrate areas of specialist knowledge covering principles, concepts, contexts, approaches and challenges key to the subject under investigation

  • Applied Knowledge and Understanding: Apply a range of general and specialised knowledge and skills

  • Generic Cognitive Skills: Use appropriate research strategies to investigate key issues and challenges

  • Practical and Transferrable Skills: Reflect on your own ideas, work and performance to determine personal development needs and select appropriate learning opportunities

The graduate certificate will be completed based on receiving 60 credits from among the following list of short courses (these may change over time):

  • Digital Marketing Audit

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Digital Marketing Toolkit

  • Digital Marketing Metrics

  • Making your Supply Chain Digital

  • Making your Customer Interactions Digital

  • Implementing Digital Solutions

  • Understanding the Cybersecurity Threat

  • Understanding Transformational Change in a Digital World

  • Opportunities and Threats in Managing Change

  • Transformational Leadership in a Changing World

  • Contemporary Approaches to Organisational Change

  • Professional Reflection on Learning

Please be advised that modules in Digital Marketing taken during 2020/21 are not eligible for the graduate certificate because they were delivered at a lower level.

Delivery of the Graduate Certificate

The teaching and learning activities of this certificate will be delivered 100% online according to the specifications outlined on the webpages of each short course. The short courses will be delivered through a range of guided learning, recorded content and carefully curated readings.

Terms and conditions

The certificate is delivered on a part-time basis with a maximum duration of 2 years from the student registering for their first course.

If an assessment is not undertaken during the specified week or failed at that attempt, only one further opportunity will be made available to pass the course.

Award of the certificate is subject to Scottish Council Funding, therefore Abertay University reserves the right to discontinue the Graduate Certificate at any time based on the removal of said funding.

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