Your Offer and Getting Started

You have received your Offer of Acceptance

What do you do next?

1. Accept (or decline) our offer in your UCAS account if you are applying to a graduate programme, or on our OASIS platform if you applied directly to Abertay.

2. Once you have accepted your offer, please activate your Abertay CAS Shield Account. You will receive an email telling you how to activate your Abertay CAS Shield Account. Abertay CAS Shield is the  platform we use to prepare you to receive your CAS.

3. Check the conditions in your offer letter to make sure you understand them. You must meet these conditions to receive a full unconditional acceptance to study at Abertay. These can be:

a) Academic conditions, such as your final grades, exam results, or IELTS or English Language scores. If you have been asked for these, please send the requested documentation to and reference your full name and Abertay Student Number.

b) Financial conditions, such as paying your 50% tuition deposit. This must be paid prior to receiving your final acceptance by Admissions. Admissions will send you instructions and details about how to do this.

4. Once you have met your conditions you will be contacted by Admissions and to confirm  your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Study). They will need some information. You will need your CAS to apply for your student visa. You cannot apply for your visa without it.

5. Apply for your visa. Full details are on the student visa section of the UK Government website and the visa section of this guide.

Please don’t forget to apply for your room in our student accommodation. Take a look at the student accommodation options in the accommodation section to see what kind of rooms are available. You will be emailed when you can apply for accommodation. 


You have accepted your offer - how to get started

Activate your IT account

Once you have firmly accepted our offer to study at Abertay, our IT Service Desk will email you instructions on how to activate your IT account. Look out for the email called 'Abertay University IT Account and Instructions'.

You won’t be able to book accommodation or upload a photo for your Student ID card until you’ve activated your IT account. This IT account is your gateway to an Abertay email address, access to your timetable and all our platforms and learning tools. 

If you don’t meet the conditions of your offer, or decide not to join Abertay for whatever reason, your IT account will be automatically disabled.

Upload your photo

In order for your Student ID card to be ready in time for Freshers’ Week, you need to provide us with a passport-style photo.

You can do this by uploading your photo online. You must already have set up and activated your IT account to do this.

Go to the University intranet and enter your username and password. Click the OASIS tile (you may need to login again), see myApplication and click on, 'Upload Your Photo'. Then follow the instructions from there. You can use your phone to take the photo.

If you miss this date: We can sort you out with a photo when you arrive but it means you won’t have a Student ID card for a few weeks, which you need for travel and other discounts.

Part 1: Online registration

Registration is a two-part process that starts online.

It’s a simple way of providing the University with the information we need to register you and to confirm agreement to the terms and conditions of study. It also includes registering for elective modules as that’s how we put your timetable together. Abertay’s Academic Services team will email you with instructions.

Registering online is also when you will pay the second part of your tuition fee, and when any scholarship amounts are deducted from the final sum owed.

Part 2: In-Person registration

You won’t be fully enrolled at the University until you attend the in-person Registration Event on campus during the first week of classes. Timeslots are scheduled by course and you’ll be notified of yours.


Arriving on Campus and Re-Freshers'

Prepare to arrive one week before the start of classes. This will give you time to settle in and explore Dundee, ahead of classes starting. You will also be invited to join the International Welcome event on Sunday 21 January 2024.


Key dates for January 2024 intake

Friday 19 and Saturday 20 January: Arrivals weekend for new students. Time to pick up keys if you’re staying in student halls of residence. 

Monday 15 January: ReFresher's Week 

Friday 19 January: On-Campus Registration 

Sunday 21 January: International Welcome event

Monday 22 January: Teaching starts

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