Transcript of Study

Transcript of Study

If you were a graduate of the University before July 2015, you would have received a full academic transcript along with your award certificate.

Both documents should provide sufficient evidence of your study details and award for the purpose of further study or employment. If additional transcripts are required, you can purchase them via the Make a Payment page. 

Transcripts can be sent or emailed directly to the employer on the student’s instruction.


Electronic Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

Everyone who graduates after July 2015 is issued with an electronic Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

This is an Academic Transcript and a record of a wide range of other achievements such as academic prizes, sports awards and extra-curricular work. Your HEAR gives prospective employers a great deal of additional detail about a prospective employee's activities at university, to complement their academic grades and degree classification.

Find out how to access your HEAR and use it to provide evidence of your achievements  and award for further study or employment.

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