Information for Former Students

Information for Former Students

Abertay's Data Protection Policies

All information which is held about you, including your student status, name, address, qualifications achieved, assessment results and dates of study, is held electronically and in hard copy.

As the institution is governed by the Data Protection Act (1998) UK, it treats as confidential all student records and the strictest control is exercised over the release of any information relating to students.

Information can only be released to a third party with your written agreement

Council Tax Enquiries

If a council contacts the University for information on a former student, under the agreed regulations and procedures, we are obliged to verify the information requested.

If you need us to confirm a period of past study to the council, we can do this by email if you supply the relevant council’s email contact details.

Requesting a Reference


Student & Academic Services do not hold information which would allow us to complete a request for a personal reference for you. Requests for information on suitability for employment, timekeeping and personal attributes should be sent directly to a named referee.

Verification of your status or awards

The Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD) online verification service allows third party enquirers (such as employers, agencies and embassies) to verify attendance and awards from Abertay University.

A Hedd verification confirms the candidate’s name, qualification type, course name, year of award, classification obtained and dates of attendance. Please visit the HEDD website to register.

You will need the individual’s name, date of birth, programme, qualification, year of graduation and award. We recommend using the degree certificate as the basis of your enquiry. If you require dates of attendance, please request this at the time of making the enquiry.

There is a small charge for each enquiry and a valid consent form will need to be submitted at the time of making the enquiry.

Enquiries are checked and completed by the Student Administration team at Abertay University. The due date will be listed on your enquiry.

Please email if you need assistance.

Requesting Course/Module Information

Student Administration will normally keep course/programme and module information for 10 academic sessions. For example, in 2022/23, we will normally have records of programme structures/syllabus and module descriptors from session 2012/2013.

You can purchase Course/Module Information via the Make a Payment page. Please follow the instructions given. 

Requesting a Transcript of Study

Transcript of study

If you were a graduate of the University prior to July 2015, you would have received a full academic transcript along with your award certificate. Both documents should provide sufficient evidence of your study details and award for the purpose of further study or employment.

If additional transcripts are required, you can purchase them via the Make a Payment page.

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

From July 2015, all students graduating from the University are issued with an electronic Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

This is an Academic Transcript as well as a record of a wide range of other achievements such as academic prizes, sports awards and extra-curricular work.

Your HEAR gives prospective employers a great deal of additional detail about a prospective employee's activities at university, to complement their academic grades and degree classification.

Find out how to access your HEAR so you can use it to provide evidence of your Abertay degree and award for further study or employment.

Replacement Award Certificates

As there can be only one award certificate in existence at any one time, a replacement certificate can only be produced if the original certificate has been lost, stolen or destroyed, and not where it is temporarily mislaid or inaccessible.

If your certificate was damaged or lost, you apply for a Replacement Award Certificate via the Make a Payment page.

Replacements will bear the name you had at the time of graduation. Proof of identity is required to support your application after you have placed your order and made payment.

You may submit copies of the following as proof of identity: passport (personal details page), driver's licence or birth certificate (scanned copies can be sent by email). If your name has changed since you graduated, your application must be accompanied by either a copy of a marriage certificate or a Deed Poll certificate that bears the name you were enrolled under.

You can only order one replacement and the certificate will only be sent directly to you and not to a third party.

Students who Studied Before 1994

Abertay University was awarded university status in 1994. The Open University has custody of all CNAA records – the awarding body for the institution prior to the award of university status.

If you studied before 1994, we will try to help you with any study information request, but complete information may not be available. We recommend that you liaise directly with the Open University.

Please visit the Open University website for more information. 

If you graduated before 1992, we cannot issue a replacement degree certificate because Abertay University received degree-awarding powers in 1992 and university status in 1994.

The Open University has custody of all CNAA records – the awarding body for the institution before we were awarded university status. For information and advice on how to replace your certificate, please visit the CNAA website.

How to Apply for Official Documents

You can apply for official documents using the Make a Payment page.

For information requests made via Hedd or the Make a Payment page, please allow 10 working days for a response.

Contact Details

Student Administration, Abertay University.



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