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Student Information for Employers

Student Information for Employers

Student Records within the Registry is often the first port of call for employers seeking information on current or former students. On this page you'll find information on the service provided by Student Records and Registry, including data protection and who to contact.


  • Student Records and Registry do not hold information which would allow us to complete a request for a personal reference. Information requests on suitability for employment, timekeeping and personal attributes should be sent directly to any named referee.

Verification of Student Status or Award

  • Current Students: Student Records can, with authorisation from the current student, confirm by email that the student is a currently registered student. If a letter is required, current students can be issued with an Official Student Status letter (includes programme of study and dates of study) from SEZ (Student Enquiry Zone), which can be used by the student to verify their status.
  • Former Students: Students Records can, with authorisation from the former student, confirm by email the former student’s dates of attendance and award achieved. If a letter is required, former students must purchase an Official Letter (includes dates of attendance and award achieved) from the Abertay Online Store. Official letters can be purchased and sent or emailed directly to the employer on the student's instruction.

Please note: We require the employer to provide the student's signed authorisation with any request. This information cannot be released by telephone.

Transcript of Study

  • Current Students: If a transcript of studies is required for a current student, the student can access their HEAR, which they can download and send to employers or allow employers web access to view it. From July 2015, all Abertay taught students will be issued with an electronic Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), which will be a comprehensive record of not only an individual's academic grades but also a wide range of other achievements such as academic prizes, sports awards and extra-curricular work. The HEAR will give prospective employers a great deal of additional detail about a prospective employee's activities at university, to complement their academic grades and degreeclassification. Find out more more on the dedicated HEAR page.
  • Former Students: All graduates of the institution (prior to July 2015) received a full academic transcript along with their award certificate. The former student should be able to provide these directly to an employer. If additional transcripts are required, the former student must purchase them from the Abertay Online Store. Transcripts can be purchased and sent or emailed directly to the employer on the student's instruction.

Course/Programme and Module Information

  • Registry will normally retain course/programme and module information for 10 academic sessions. For example, in 2017/2018 we will normally have records from session 2007/2008. The former student should apply for Course/Module Information via the Abertay Online Store. Module descriptors can be purchased and sent or emailed directly to the employer on the student's instruction.

Important Information - Students Studying Prior to 1994

  • Abertay University was awarded university status in 1994. The Open University has custody of all CNAA records – the awarding body for the institution prior to the award of university status. Although we will endeavour to assist with any such requests for these former students, complete information may not be available from us and we would recommend that you liaise with the Open University directly. Please see the Open University website for further information.

For requests for information by email, letter or online store order, please allow us 10 working days to process.

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