Careers and employment
A guide for parents and carers

We know how essential it is for our graduates to have employable skills when they graduate.

So we do everything we can to make sure that happen with areas like built-in work placements for most courses, elective modules covering relevant topics like project management, arranging mentoring or internships, the careers service and more. 

For example: The Principal’s Award

This is a short employability programme that recognises, supports and rewards work related skills and achievements. It is designed to help students develop the skills they need to stand out in the job market. Watch the video to find out more.

Graduation and beyond

We know it's not just about getting a degree, it’s about making the most of their time at university.

We do our very best to provide opportunities for work placements or internships as part of the courses we offer. But there’s nothing stopping students from volunteering during their studies, or providing free help to local charities or small enterprises if they have the time.


Graduation is a huge celebration, usually held in July and in November.  We hold our ceremonies in the Caird Hall at the centre of the city, and it's a big day for everyone, with cheers and tears in equal measure.

Their HEAR record

When they graduate, all students are issued with an electronic HEAR. It is a comprehensive record of their academic grades and any additional information on University-verifiable achievements, such as academic prizes, sports awards, successful completion of the Principal’s Award and so on.

Along with their degree certificate, their HEAR supports applications for employment and further study.

The Careers Service

The University Career's service is based in the library, and provides an extensive range of career support:

  • Talk to a person face to face about anything to do with careers.

  • Abertay Connect – a job portal with advice and help with CVs.

  • Elective modules about careers – available in years 2-4, they cover writing your CV to interview techniques. There are different modules depending on age and how much time you have.

  • Career mentoring – local employers mentor students and this can really help boost their confidence.

  • Placements – we have work placements for up to 3 months across many courses. For example, watch our video about the Thorntons Law Placement.

  • We help graduates for up to 3 years after they leave Abertay with any career questions.

Starting a business/working freelance

A lot of our students want to start a business, run a side hustle, or work freelance.

So it's good to know that our enterprise team in Bell Street Ventures are there to help with advice of all kinds about setting up a business, facilities, business advice and even  introductions.

We've had many successful start ups here at Abertay, and the Bell Street team are happy to discuss ideas - even just tiny ones!

Prizegiving and awards

We give awards every year to outstanding students across the university at our annual Prizegiving event. This covers undergraduate and post-graduate studies.

The awards are recognition for students who go the extra mile in their studies or make a big, positive impact during their time here. The prizes are a public recognition of their efforts and achievements.


The Principal's Award

The Principal's Award is a short employability programme for our undergraduate and postgraduate students that recognises, supports and rewards work-related skills and achievements.

This programme helps our students gain the skills they need to stand out in the jobs market.

Our alumni

Our Alumni Network is a strong and diverse community of over 55,000 graduates who live and work all around the world, and are proud to say they studied here. They work in a vast range of jobs and industries.

It's reassuring to know they have gone into the world of work and are doing great things.

Find out more about our diverse alumni network in Communitay, the alumni newsletter that goes out quarterly.

Take a look at some of our alumni profiles, where graduates talk about their time at Abertay and the amazing things they've gone on to do.

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