Safety and support
A guide for parents and carers

We know that ensuring your student's safety is a primary concern, so it's good to know that Dundee is one of the safest cities in the UK.

Our aim is to keep everyone as safe as possible when on campus. Campus security is 24/7, so there is always someone to call if anything happens. Most of the student halls also have 24/7 security (they are run by external companies).

Having said this, we can only do so much as they aren't on campus the whole time. They still need to take responsibility for themselves. There are some useful safety tips on the Complete University Guide website.

If they need support for any issue, we have SEZ, a one stop shop for all kinds of help - it's the first place to go when they have a problem with anything.

How safe is Dundee?

Dundee is a very safe city to live in, one of the safest in the UK. It's the 2nd safest city in Scotland according to The Complete University Guide (2022)

85% said they felt very safe. In terms of quality of life, overall satisfaction was high with almost all participants, equating to 100%, stating they were very or fairly satisfied with the quality of life and safety of their neighbourhood.

If you don't know much about it, we have a page all about living in Dundee to give you and your child a real flavour of the place. 

Support Enquiry Zone (SEZ)

The Support Enquiry Zone (SEZ) provides a one stop shop for students needing help and advice about any aspect of university life.

SEZ can be especially useful if they are not sure where to go or who to ask for information of any kind, from finances to wellbeing to academic queries.

SEZ is in the University Library, and is open weekdays, and in the evenings and weekends. They are able to deal with most requests immediately.  If more specialist support is required, they will put students in direct contact with a member of staff or a team who can help them. This includes:

  • Career Development Centre.

  • Disabled Student Support.

  • Learner Development Service.

  • Counselling.

  • International Advice and Welfare.

  • Student Funding Advice.

  • Abertay Language Centre.

  • LGBTQ+ support.

  • Faith and Belief.

We can also provide confidential counselling and advice on issues related to money, wellbeing, disability and careers.

Academic help

Obviously there is a lot of academic help and many people they can turn to. We aim to provide as many different avenues as we can so be reassured that they will be fully supported academically. Being small really helps here.

Their core teaching team are always there, plus we have school academic advisors who work alongside that team and can provide advice as well.

The learning development team run courses such as 'time management' and 'study skills'.

The Student Success Officers are recent graduates who understand what it means to study here and provide peer-to-peer support.

Abertay Student Association

The Student Association (SA) is here to help students fully engage with student life, and provides opportunities so your child can get best student experience possible.

They represent the student voice, promotes student employment, and provide impartial advice and support. This is also the home of the student societies, a great way to make new friends. 

Can I speak to the university about my child?

Please be aware that, as your child will enter university as an adult, there are legal restrictions which prevent us from sharing personal information about students aged 18 or over with anyone, including their parents or carers.

This means that we will not normally be able to talk to you about any problems that your child may discuss with university staff unless you have both signed a consent form. 

If this is something you need, please contact and ask for a consent form that both you and your child must sign in order for us to be able to legally disclose any personal information.

Otherwise, we are legally obliged to respect the student’s privacy unless we have reason to believe they will harm themselves or others.

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