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June 2023

Learn how Abertay is paving the way with our Visual Effects Laboratory, prestigious nature awards, gold standard accredited courses and people-focussed research. This edition also includes links to student projects created by our summer 2023 SDI and SAS graduates. 

Communitay - 2023 June

April 2023

In this edition of Communitay, we invite Alumni to our Public Engagement Event, spotlight on some highlights from the campus, delve into research projects currently being undertaking by our academics and highlight some fantastic financial support on offer from Bell Street Ventures. 

Communitay April 2023

crickets being fed in a green bucket

December 2022

In this edition on Communitay we said 'congratulations' to our winter 2022 graduates; had a look back into the archives; learnt more at about the Graduate Success Programme and DUTE from recent Abertay grad and alum, Monika and much more.

Communitay December 2022

September 2022

In this edition of Communitay, we hear about new mental health resource for those affected by sight loss; said 'congratulations' to our summer 2022 graduates; and took a trip down memory lane to look back on the build of Abertay's library.

Communitay September 2022

June 2022

In this edition of Communitay, we heard about the opening of the cyberQuarter; showed Abertay's real world impact through the Research Excellence Framework; and, at the time of the Platinum Jubilee, reflected on how far we've come as a University.

Communitay June 2022

Kirsty Black and Graeme Walker holding a bottle of Nadar Gin and a glass of peas

March 2022

In this edition of Communitay, we find out about Abertay expanding its international footprint into Asia; why now is the time to cement Dundee's reputation as top cyber hub; the Tay Varsity Challenge Trophy and much more.

Communitay - 2022 March

Dundee University and Abertay University's sport teams captains in the V&A

December 2021

In this edition of Communitay, you can learn why Abertay is naming a building in honour of political activist Annie Lamont; about the success for Abertay at the 2021 Scottish Cyber Awards; why new faces are more appealing to online daters and much more.  

Communitay - 2021 December

September 2021

In this edition of Communitay, you can learn more about Abertay becoming the first institution in Scotland to receive the Race Equality Charter in Scotland for the second time; how Gaelic and Scottish heritage was brought to new audiences through video games project; who the first tenant for the new cyberQuarter research and development hub at Abertay is and much more.

Communitay - 2021 September

First cyberQuarter jobs announced as work on new hub begins

June 2021

In this edition of Communitay, you can learn about Abertay's renewed partnership with The Northwood Charitable Trust; how Business Management students at Abertay produced creative new solutions to address Dundee's food sustainability issues; how Abertay became the first university to launch undergraduate business degrees in Romania and much more.

Communitay - 2021 June

A person buying fresh vegetables

March 2021

In this edition of Communitay, you'll learn how Abertay was named in the top tier of UK higher education institutions for commitment to sustainable transportation and electric vehicle infrastructure; read about the positive impact for police officers equipped with mobile devices; learn how the Abertay campus was recreated in Minecraft and much more.

Communitay - 2021 March

Group photograph of Abertay Student Success Officers with School Academic Advisors

December 2020

In this edition of Communitay you'll find out how games graduates Jack Gullen and Rafe Johnson had the opportunity of using virtual and augmented reality to help design the interior of the world's first commercial spaceship for Virgin Galactic; read about Abertay teaming up with Verdant Works to launch an online exhibition exploring the University's historic connections to the jute industry and much more.

Communitay - 2020 December

Textiles Teaching at Dundee Institute of Art and Technology

September 2020

In this edition of Communitay, we caught up with new alumni for 2020 and reflected on their time at Abertay; showcased a blog by archivist Ruaraidh Wishart about influential alum Annie Keir Lamont; learnt how a golf collaboration project which set out to test the effects of golf on young people and much more.

Communitay - 2020 September

June 2020

In this first edition of Communitay, you'll learn about #adoptahostel, a global fundraising campaign launched with the help of our 2003 graduate Kash Bhattacharya; discover how football players are less likely to be injured if they practice mindfulness techniques as part of their training regime; find out about the launch of The Cone Game from 2018 graduate Matthew Aitchison and much more.

Communitay - 2020 June

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