Olivia Morgan

Olivia enjoyed her time at Abertay so much she decided she wasn’t ready to leave and ended up running for election to Abertay Students’ Association!

I am determined to make a positive impact and ensure that students' voices are heard.
Olivia Morgan | Abertay University | BSc (Hons) Applied Biomedical Science

Olivia's Abertay journey began during high school when she and her classmates were invited to an introductory forensic science session at the University as part of their Advanced Higher Biology course. The session provided a hands-on experience of being a forensics investigator, examining a crime scene and utilising Biomedical Techniques like DNA electrophoresis and PCR to generate results. Olivia was impressed by the enthusiastic and engaging staff at Abertay, and the extensive hands-on experience convinced her to apply to Abertay.

Since the beginning of her studies, Olivia has had a keen interest in student representation. She has taken on various roles such as class representative, division representative, and even served as a trustee of the Abertay Students' Association. Olivia finds fulfilment in connecting with students and helping to make positive changes across the University. 

Through her involvement in various representative roles, Olivia developed close relationships with members of the Abertay Students' Association, who provided support throughout her studies. Inspired by this experience, she made the decision to run for the position of Vice President of the Students' Association.

She said:

"I am absolutely thrilled and grateful that my fellow students have entrusted me with the responsibility to represent them this year and advocate for their interests. My goal is to organise safe and enjoyable events for students, strengthen the connection between Abertay Sport and the Students' Association to promote student health, and prioritise student interests amidst the cost of living crisis. I am determined to make a positive impact and ensure that students' voices are heard."

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