Beata Kozłowska

Beata is a Legal Executive at Maguire McClafferty Solicitors in Dublin.

BA (Hons) Criminology, 2010

What does your current role involve?

Presently, I work as a Legal Executive in a small legal practice in Dublin. Thanks to my academic knowledge and practical experience of work within the justice system, I am responsible for providing administrative and secretarial assistance to solicitors handling client’s civil law cases. It is important for me to be familiar with the procedures and requirements of various statutory agencies we work with. I am bound by professional code of confidentiality and conduct while dealing with many clients on daily basis through telephone conversations, office consultations or court attendances. 

Since leaving Abertay, describe your journey to your current job?

After leaving Abertay, I moved to Edinburgh to undertake a Master’s degree in Global Crime, Security and Justice at the University of Edinburgh. It was a wonderful but demanding year and the experience of that time and place is invaluable.

When I completed my thesis in cybercrime, I decided to move to the Republic of Ireland to work for the Embassy of Poland. It was only a six months work contract, but it gave me experience of working within the area of international relations. The peak of that time was a poetry evening with Seamus Heaney reading his poems at the Embassy.

I then undertook a freelance work as a Polish interpreter/ translator within the Courts of Justice. This included court trials and extradition proceedings, but also lengthy police interviews.

Soon after that, I got my first job at a solicitor’s general practice where I was exposed to various technicalities and procedures of running probate, personal injury, criminal and conveyancing files. At that time, I gained more in-depth professional training and started a college course to learn more about legal practice and law. My expertise is now honed on handling personal injury cases only; I am responsible for over 200 Circuit Court civil law files.

How did your Abertay degree help you get where you are?

I consider my Abertay experience as the most important time of my life. I moved to Scotland right after Poland joined the European Union. Starting my course as a mature student, allowed me to spend my formative years in a foreign country; being exposed not only to a different language and culture, but also to a different way of learning, western philosophy and thinking.

I was very passionate about my course; all subjects within it were fascinating. Our teachers were very professional and all topics were deeply challenging. This interdisciplinary course helped me grasp the workings of the society and its institutions. 

I gained experience in jobs and internships that reflected my interest of study. I was involved in part-time work within the criminal justice system as an interpreter; helping people in courts, prisons and at police stations. I also undertook a summer placement in a Juvenile Detention Centre in Poland. I remember working a few hours per week as a Special Constable within Tayside Police on a voluntary basis – that was really putting theory into practice – I could exercise power of arrest! Lastly, I proudly represented Abertay as an Abertay Ambassador, assisting new students with settling into the University life.

My degree opened not only my mind, but also allowed me to grow as a person and thought me how to best serve the needs of society in accordance to my own interests and passions.

I consider my Abertay experience as the most important time of my life.
Beata Kozłowska | Maguire McClafferty Solicitors | Legal Executive

Who had the most impact on your Abertay experience?

A group of teachers and professors that gave lectures and tutorials to my academic year. The most highly professional and challenging team of scholars, intellectuals and researchers who taught me with passion and eagerness that shaped me as a person. I wish to thank them for their hard work and dedication.

What are your lasting memories of Dundee?

A small, lovely and vibrant town full of interesting, passionate, artistic and creative people beside the Tay river with its breathtaking views. Dundee will always bring joyful memories to my mind. I made loads of wonderful friends there and had a great personal and intellectual adventure.

What advice would you give to students?

My advice to all students is – be open to what you are passionate about, learn, and seek knowledge and truth. Be grateful for all the opportunities that university life brings and with what surrounds you. Meet people, make everlasting connections with your fellow students and professors, make professional connections, make friends with those from other courses and exchange views, talk, explore and read loads while you can!

Dundee really is a place of discovery - discovery of what humans are about, what a person is truly about and what this world is about.

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