Alumni from our Division of Psychology and Forensic Sciences

A picture of Karim Abu Nour Dettori on graduation day

Karim Abu Nour Dettori

Karim is a Manufacturing Process Engineer at Terumo Aortic.

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Posed photo of Abertay Alumni Laura Green

Laura Green

Laura is an Assistant Forensic Practitioner, also known as a Scene of Crime Offi...

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Rene Friedrichs

Graduating in 2007, Rene is now a Senior Scientist II, Investigative Analysis – ...

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Close up of female smiling

Mel Smith

Mel is a Teacher at the British School in the Netherlands.

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A photo of Ursa Klobucar. She's wearing glasses and a cream coloured top.

Ursa Klobucar

Ursa is an Assistant Psychologist for NHS Tayside.

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A photo of Nikolay Panayotov in Abertay University library, in front of bookshelves

Nikolay Panayotov

Nikolay is a Teaching Fellow at Abertay University.

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A picture of Pauline Mack smiling.

Pauline Mack

Pauline is the Digital Learning Technology Lead at Leverhulme Research Centre fo...

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Close up of male smiling

Bela Havasreti

Bela is an AML KYC Associate - PCS Register Services - Oversight & Control at RB...

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A photo of Evie Dalrymple smiling

Evie Dalrymple

Evie works as a Prison Psychologist at the Scottish Prison Service.

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