Professor Richard Wiseman

Doctor of Science, 2016

He’s been described as ‘the most interesting and innovative experimental psychologist in the world today.’

And for good reason.

Professor Richard Wiseman is well published in major research journals, the author of many best-selling books on popular science and the star of YouTube videos that have been watched by millions.

From his very early days Richard had an interest in magic and illusions, inspired by his grandfather whose coin tricks left him fascinated.

When he left school he actually became a street entertainer. He wanted a better understanding on how people reacted to illusions, so he enrolled for a degree in psychology.

He went on to study for a doctorate, and from there his career in academia was born.

Richard’s well known as a debunker of unusual happenings, such as the paranormal. He’s also appeared on more than 150 TV programmes and is a regular on BBC Radio 4.

He received an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Abertay in 2016.

Richard Wiseman

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