Judy Murray

Doctorate of Education, 2016

Do what you love.

It’s great advice but how many of us follow it?

Judy Murray received an honorary degree from Abertay in 2016 and she got to that point by – you guessed it – doing what she loves.

Judy is passionate about tennis and has played a key role in building not only the profile of the sport but access to it right around the UK.

When she grew up there were no indoor courts in Scotland. She played tennis in the summer, and badminton in the winter. She did well too, winning 64 titles in her junior and senior careers.

Judy tried her hand at the professional game, but in the end decided against pursuing that career path.

Clearly though that wasn’t the end of her time on the tennis court. She became a coach and steered the reins for sons Andy and Jamie early on in their careers.  

She was captain of Britain’s Fed Cup team from 2011 to 2016, and has designed tennis courses aimed at helping get kids involved in the sport.

That includes a special programme aimed specifically at young girls, to try and help build the profile of women’s tennis in the UK.

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