Mandy Haeburn-Little

Doctor of Technology, 2022

Mandy is an experienced Chair and CEO with many years of assisting companies facing substantial challenges and managing significant change. A native of Dundee, she has for many years been a very strong supporter of Abertay University including working with the team on the original concept of the cyberQuarter and being an advocate for the city. Ten years ago Mandy began an initiative employing still-learning ethical hacking students and giving them live experience in the business community. 

Mandy is now the Executive Chair of BRIM (Business Resilience International Management) and she and her team have designed and delivered the first national network of ten Police Cyber Resilience Centres for Policing and the Home Office across England and Wales. In addition, her team has continued to develop the original student model into a new direct pathway for policing in England and Wales called Cyber PATH.

She is the Vice Chair of the first National CRC Group company which supports all of the Cyber Centres and Cyber PATH, working with industry leaders across the private sector and the Heads of Policing in England and Wales. 

In addition, Mandy is the creator and presenter of CyberVersed, an in depth podcast series interviewing some of industry's most prominent leaders. She was recognised as Cyber Woman of the Year in 2021 by the Cyber Security Industry Industry Awards. In 2020 she received the Editor's Choice for Outstanding Contribution to the Cyber Industry at the SC Europe Awards and also received a Commendation from the National Police Chiefs' Council for her work.

Before founding BRIM in 2019, Mandy was the Chief Executive of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre for over nine years, working in direct partnership with the single Police force, Police Scotland and the Scottish Government. In 2014, Mandy established the London Digital Security Centre based on a similar model. Mandy has led numerous initiative and campaigns in Cyber and is a strong advocate for young skills. 

Outside of work, Mandy is an artist.

Mandy Haeburn-Little

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