Our BPS-accredited Psychology degree takes you on a journey to uncover the reasons behind human actions and interactions.

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4 years (full-time)

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BSc (Hons)



Why Study Abertay's BSc (Hons) in Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of the most complex machine imaginable: the human mind. This BPS-accredited degree takes you on a journey to uncover the reasons behind human actions and interactions, digging deeper into the thoughts and feelings that trigger our behaviour.

How do we learn and remember? What do our actions and interactions tell us about our behaviour? How do we communicate verbally and non-verbally? Satisfy your inquisitive mind and find answers to these questions and more during this fascinating psychology degree.

The discipline of psychology is continually evolving, with many exciting new developments occurring across a number of core areas (Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Biological Psychology). The use of neural imaging techniques is one significant advancement, which helps us to understand the links between brain and behaviour.

At Abertay, new developments in the field are readily incorporated into the core curriculum, with this programme offering a comprehensive selection of topics on human behaviour. The core areas follow the curriculum set out by the British Psychological Society.


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Entry Requirements

Please note:  All applicants must have passes in English and Maths in one of the following - National 5 grade C and GCSE grade C/4 or equivalent. National 5 ESOL is accepted in lieu of National 5 English.  Lifeskill Maths not accepted in lieu of Maths.

Below are the literate subjects we accept for entry on this course:

  • Business Management
  • Classical Studies
  • Economics
  • English
  • ESOL
  • Geography
  • History
  • Media Studies
  • Modern Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies
  • Sociology

If there is a subject that does not appear, please contact our Admissions Office ( who will be able to confirm whether or not it would be considered for entry.

Qualification Type Grade Requirements Essential Subjects
Higher ABBB Literate subject
A-Level BCC Literate subject
Irish Highers H2H3H3H3 Literate subject
International Baccalaureate 29 Points To include literate subject at S5 or H4
BTEC Extended Diploma DMM Access to (one of the following):- University Study, Community, Education & Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences and Primary Teaching, Languages, Arts & Social Sciences, Humanities & Primary Education, Degree Studies, Celtic Studies, Arts & Humanities, Humanities, Humanities (Teaching)
AHEAD Successful completion of the relevant stream of our AHEAD programme
SWAP Access Access to: University Study/Community, Education & Humanities/Arts & Social Sciences and Primary Teaching/Languages, Arts & Social Sciences/Humanities & Primary Education/Degree Studies/Celtic Studies/Arts & Humanities/Humanities/Humanities (Teaching)
HNC Our Coming from College pages list approved HNC courses
Qualification Type Grade Requirements Essential Subjects
Advanced Higher AAB Psychology
A-Level AAB Psychology
HNC/HND Our Coming from College pages list approved HNC/HND courses

Not sure if you're eligible for entry?

If you have the potential and motivation to study at university, regardless of your background or personal circumstances, we welcome your application.

We understand some people have faced extra challenges before applying to university, which is why we consider the background in which your academic grades have been achieved when making an offer.

If you expect to receive passes in three Scottish Highers (grades A-C) and have either ...

  • been in care
  • participated in a targeted aspiration-raising programme such as LIFT OFF, LEAPS, FOCUS West, or Aspire North
  • no family background of going to university
  • attended a school or lived in an area where not many people go to university

... we encourage you to submit an application.

Your Journey Starts Here

Alongside the core curriculum, you'll also have the opportunity to explore your interests across more specialist areas of psychology, such as language development, mental health and aging, psychology and technology, forensic psychology, brain and behaviour and evolutionary psychology.

In addition, you'll learn how to design your own psychology experiments and analyse a variety of data. This culminates in creating a supervised, student-led research project in the final year of your degree.

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Information for International Applicants

Please provide certified proof of your English language level. Our accredited International English Foundation Course can help. To further enhance your academic English, Intensive English for Academic Purposes can help you achieve your potential.

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Entry Requirements by Country

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English Language Requirements

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Visa Information

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About Your Modules

The module information shown here describes the modules our students are taking this year. The modules do change over time to keep our programmes up-to-date and relevant. This means the exact modules you take could be different. If you receive an offer to study with us, you will receive a Programme Information document that sets out exactly which modules you can expect to take as part of your Abertay University degree programme.

Please note: As well as Key Modules outlined below, you may also be required to choose Elective Modules. 

Key Modules (subject to change)

Introductory Psychology (PSY101)

An introduction to the key areas of psychology that align with the BPS curriculum (conceptual and historical issues in psychology, cognitive psychology and social psychology) and to the research methods used in the scientific study of behaviour. The theoretical underpinnings of core areas are explored and set in an applied framework to help students understand how psychology research can be used to address real-world problems facing modern societies.

Introductory Psychology 2 (PSY102)

An introduction to key areas of psychology that align with the BPS curriculum (individual differences, developmental psychology, and biological psychology) that continues education in research methods used in the scientific study of behaviour. The theoretical underpinnings of core areas are explored and set in an applied framework to help students understand how psychology research can be used to address real-world problems facing modern societies.

Cognitive Psychology and Research Methods (PSY204)

An introduction to the cognitive aspects of the BPS curriculum. Students will be introduced to research methodologies, theories and models of how cognitive psychology works as a science. They will also be introduced to the statistical concepts and methodologies that underpin research in psychology.

Social Psychology and Research Methods (PSY201)

An introduction to the social psychology content of the BPS curriculum that will provide students with a critical and comprehensive understanding of the major topics, empirical research and theoretical approaches in social psychology. Building on the content of PSY204, students will be trained in the research methods that underpin the scientific study of social cognition and behaviour.

Biological Psychology and PID (BPS Core) (PSY301)

The core BPS curriculum is covered in this module. Students are provided with knowledge of how biology affects behaviour and introduced to the evolutionary mechanisms that shape our minds. This module will also investigate how biology, experience and personality produce individuality in humans.

Developmental Psychology (BPS Core) (PSY302)

An examination of the theories, methods and empirical data relevant to psychological development throughout the lifespan. Module content includes: biological basis of development; designs and approaches of studying development; infancy; early and middle childhood; adolescence; adulthood; ageing.

Research Methods on Psychology (BPS core) (PSY303)

Building on the psychological research methods, techniques and analyses covered in years 1 and 2, this module will provide students with the ability to design and conduct independent research projects at honours level using the appropriate research methodology.

Psychology Honours Project (PSY410)

Students are required to design, conduct and analyse their own independent piece of research and to present their research findings. This module provides guidance and support for the honours project process.

Advanced Social and Cognitive Psychology (PSY408)

Designed to develop students' understanding of social psychology and cognition, building on their Cognition and Social Psychology modules in year 2. This module develops a deeper understanding of cognitive processes such as attention, perception and memory and explores how these processes underpin social processing.

How the Course Works


Learning and Assessment

You'll learn through a combination of lectures, practical laboratory classes, seminars/tutorials and independent study.

The practical laboratory classes offer the chance to learn relevant scientific techniques first hand, and an opportunity to engage in research by designing experiments and collecting and analysing data.

You're assessed using a variety of methods. These include examinations and class tests, practical laboratory reports, essays, presentations (both oral and posters), research projects and writing scientific articles and case studies.

For more information on the course content, please download the Programme Information - BSc (Honours) Psychology


Programme Fees 2019

Scottish & EU students


Fees shown are payable annually and may be subject to increase each year.

Please see our Undergraduate Funding page for further details. 

English, Welsh & Northern Irish Students


Fees shown are payable annually and may be subject to increase each year.

Please see our Undergraduate Funding page for further details. 

International Students


Fees shown are payable annually and may be subject to increase each year.

Please see our Undergraduate Funding page for further details. 


All students from England, Wales & Northern Ireland will automatically receive a scholarship which has a maximum award of £9,200 over four years.  An annual amount of £2,300 is paid directly to students to support their living & travel costs. 

In addition, we offer a range of Corporate/Philanthropic Scholarships shown below, which are available to all students to support your studies with us. 

The Lothian Family

A £5,000 award for undergraduate students with financial or social difficulties which may prevent them from studying at Abertay.

The Robert Reid Bursary

Two £500 awards for students who have overcome challenges to attend university.

Career Opportunities

A BPS-accredited psychology degree is crucial for becoming a chartered psychologist. This is essential if you're keen to practice in areas such as clinical, counselling, educational, forensics, health, occupational or sport psychology.

Psychology graduates gain a number of transferable skills, which are in high demand in the general graduate job market. These skills include numeracy, statistics and IT skills, communication and analytical thinking.

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Occupations that a psychology degree will also provide a very good basis for include:

  • Police
  • Occupational therapist
  • Drug rehabilitation worker
  • Primary or secondary school teacher
  • College or university lecturer
  • Research assistant
  • Social worker
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Industry Links

Abertay has strong links with the Scottish Institute for Policing Research and many of the lecturing staff are members of professional societies. We also have good links with local health services, the games industry and local education authorities.

The Workplace Psychology module gives you the opportunity to consider how psychology can be applied in your own workplace.

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Unistats collates comparable information in areas students have identified as important in making decisions about what and where to study. The core information it contains is called the Unistats dataset (formerly the Key Information Set (KIS)).

Get inspired

Meet some of our Psychology graduates and find out what they've gone on to do.

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Pauline Mack

Pauline created over 100 e-learning resources in her first year at Rexel alone.

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Bela Havasreti

Bela investigates financial fraud as an Analyst for Deloitte Poland.

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Ursa Klobucar

Ursa assists Clinical Psychologists as an Assistant Psychologist for NHS Tayside.

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Programme Leader - Psychology

Dr Lynn Wright

Dr Lynn Wright

School of Social and Health Sciences | Senior Lecturer

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