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Why Study a Professional Masters in Games Development?

The Centre for Excellence in Computer Games Education at Abertay offers this unique, world-renowned programme. It’ll give you a skillset that encompasses far more than basic technical excellence, resulting in unparalleled opportunities for subsequent employment in the multi-billion pound games industry.

Get set to develop core development skills through applied project work, supported by experienced games industry practitioners. Enhance your skills in interdisciplinary communication and collaboration through teamwork with students and staff from other areas of games development.

You’ll apply developing technologies and practices to your own projects, demonstrate your work to leading industry figures and be encouraged to nurture relationships with fellow developers, industry professionals and companies through your demonstrable skill in the creation of games, mentorships and published research.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have a minimum of upper second class (2:1) honours degree that demonstrates expertise in one the following areas: Computer Games Technology, Computer Science, Computer Games Design, Games Production, Computer Animation, 3D Modelling, Audio Production.


All applicants are required to provide certified proof of competence in English language. The University's minimum requirements are listed here

How to Apply

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Information for International Applicants

Please provide certified proof of your English language level. Our accredited International English Foundation Course can help. To further enhance your academic English, Intensive English for Academic Purposes can help you achieve your potential.

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English Language Requirements

Explore English language requirements for entry to Abertay University.

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English Language Courses

Discover the range of English language courses on offer at Abertay University.

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Visa Information

Learn more about visa requirements for studying at Abertay University.

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How the Course Works

Produce Innovative Games Solutions

As a postgraduate student, you’ll work with other highly-talented individuals within games development teams towards the production of innovative computer games solutions.

Working closely with a team of full-time staff who are highly-experienced in both the games industry and in academic teaching, and under the guidance and mentorship of computer games industry representatives, you’ll develop professional skills and knowledge relevant to key roles within the industry.

During the course of your studies, you’ll ultimately be expected to demonstrate applied excellence in your specialist area, as well as professionalism, flexibility, the ability to adapt in team working situations, and creativity and innovation towards product development.

Learning and Assessment

The goal of the MProf in Games Development is to turn you into a professional developer by placing you into a development team, with industry-relevant project goals and deliverables. Your team will enjoy a high level of independence in how it meets the game design briefs and how it approaches the development process.

Supervision, mentorship and academic support look to emphasise the consequences of your decisions and processes, allowing you to experience an organic and logical development and evolution of best practices.

In addition, you’ll develop your awareness in areas of potential innovation and research, and will be encouraged to publish your work.

The remaining core elements of the course seek to separate the myths from the realities of working in the games industry, and expand your awareness of design considerations with regards to the comparative importance and impact of narrative and gameplay theories.

Uniquely, you’ll select optional modules from across the entire university, allowing further development of your core skills if required, but more specifically allowing for a more individual and tailored learning experience through the additional study of areas of personal interest such as business, marketing, psychology and perception.


The MProf Games Development is accredited by Skillset, the national sector skills council for creative media, as part of the Skillset Media Academy Network.

Your Learning Space

We’ve developed a unique concept of learning environment and creative incubator, encompassing ways of teaching that focus on building general skills alongside the subject-specific knowledge to support your career and life objectives.

It’s designed to give you the edge in the global knowledge economy when you graduate.

This White Space environment is a thriving hub of activity, mixing the talents of undergraduates, postgraduates, lecturers, business people, artists and broadcasters, surrounding you with the buzz of a real working environment, allowing you to share real-world knowledge and experience.

Assessment methods throughout the core modules focus on formative (constant) assessment through regular meetings and discussion sessions, rather than exams. This is to allow you to improve in confidence, communication skills and core discipline skills as you progress, allowing you to try new working practices and approaches as and when they may be required.

An emphasis is placed on effective participation as a team player, and in correctly identifying and prioritising a project’s key requirements and challenges.


The scholarship below is open to all international students and those applying from England, Wales and Northern Ireland with a 2.1 or above for a postgraduate course. It's paid in two instalments, in December and March. 

Rest of UK Postgraduate Abertay Scholarships

This £2,000 award is open to all prospective new postgraduate students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Programme Fees for 2018

Scottish & EU students


*There may be additional charges where the MSc is not completed within 18 months. Module fees are on a pro rata basis of 180 credits.

Fee quoted is the total cost providing that the MSc follows on immediately after the PG Dip element and is completed within the same academic year as started. Fees may be subject to increase.

English, Welsh & Northern Irish Students


*There may be additional charges where the MSc is not completed within 18 months. Module fees are on a pro rata basis of 180 credits.

Fee quoted is the total cost providing that the MSc follows on immediately after the PG Dip element and is completed within the same academic year as started. Fees may be subject to increase.

International Students


*There may be additional charges where the MSc is not completed within 18 months. Module fees are on a pro rata basis of 180 credits.

Fee quoted is the total cost providing that the MSc follows on immediately after the PG Dip element and is completed within the same academic year as started. Fees may be subject to increase.


This programme prepares you for a career as a game developer, with the exact role being determined by your area of study (usually identified by your undergraduate degree) – such as Programmer, Artist or Producer.

The team-focused multidisciplinary approach further ensures that successful graduates will have developed and displayed a very high degree of collaborative ability, a particularly valuable graduate attribute in the challenges that future projects and employment will most certainly present.

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Former graduates of the MProf course have had outstanding success both in gaining employment within the industry and in pursuing their own game development plans. Graduates from the course can now be found working at studios across the UK with companies such as Sony, Traveller’s Tales, Codemasters and Blitz, as well as further afield in mainland Europe, America, China and India. Many graduates pursue their own projects for the rapidly-developing Indie market.

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Graduate School

Our Graduate School is a dedicated facility providing support, training and professional development opportunities to our vibrant postgraduate community. Specially designed to promote integration and inculcation of interdisciplinary working in our next generation of researchers, postgraduates study and learn together at Abertay – from Environmental Management to Law, Psychology, Bioscience, Economics and Business, Cybersecurity and Computer Games Development.

Learn more about our Graduate School

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When Joining as a Postgraduate, You Will

When you join us as a postgraduate student or researcher, you’ll be joining a community of creative likeminded scholars and will automatically be provided with access to our dedicated study and social spaces – a forum in which you can meet, work and learn with other researchers and postgraduates from across the University.

You’ll benefit from training and professional development opportunities, as well as support with funding applications, placement opportunities, teaching support, public engagement and outreach activity.

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Making the Most of Masters

The Making the Most of Masters project provides opportunities for you to undertake work-based projects, allowing you to enhance your employability at the same time as studying for your master’s degree.

Working with external organisations and employers, the projects are an integral part of your academic programme, and address real needs within an organisation meaning you’ll have the opportunity to add valuable experience to your CV.

Find out more about Making the Most of Masters‌

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