Before You Arrive

What you need to know before you arrive on campus.

We're looking forward to seeing you at the start of the academic year. Please don't forget to read our regular email updates before you arrive. 

Activate your IT account and register online

Activate your IT account

Once you've firmly accepted your offer to study at Abertay, our IT Service Desk will email you instructions so that you can activate your IT account. Look out for the email called 'Abertay University IT Account and Instructions'. You won’t be able to apply for accommodation or complete online registration until you've activated your IT account.

If you've accidentally deleted the email or have trouble activating or logging on, please email the IT Service Desk.

Assuming you join Abertay University in September, your IT account gives you your an Abertay email address, access to your timetable and the University’s platforms and learning tools.

If you don’t meet the conditions of your offer, or decide not to join Abertay for whatever reason, your IT account is disabled.

Online registration

Abertay’s Student Administration Team will email you with instructions about how to register by the end of August.

Online registration provides the University with the information we need to register you on your course, and to confirm agreement to the terms and conditions of study. It also includes choosing any MySuccess modules or option modules, as that’s how we put your personal timetable together.

There is a second part of registration that needs to happen in person on campus, and we will email you about how to do that.

Begin your first module: ABE101 Being Successful for year 1 entrants

As a first-year student at Abertay, you are expected to begin your first module once you've completed online registration (enrolment). This applies to all programmes excect BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing.

Once you're enrolled (registered), you'll receive details about how to access 'ABE101: Being Successful at Abertay'. This module introduces you to the expectations of university, successful student behaviours, growth mindsets, your strengths and areas for development.

The module must be completed by Tuesday 27 September (the assessment deadline). For more details, please email the module leader, Jack Hogan.

Once submitted, you can congratulate yourself - you'll have completed your very first module at Abertay University!

Year 2 entrants: ABE201 Being Successful at University

As a year 2 entry student, you need to select 'ABE201 Being Successful at University' as part of your 20-credit option choice during enrolment.

This 10-credit module launches in week 1 of teaching and can be completed at your own pace. Keep an eye on your emails, you'll receive further details during Freshers' Week. 

This module introduces you to the expectations of studying at university, successful student  behaviours, referencing and the fundamentals of academic writing. This applies to all 2nd year entry students. 

Please email Jack Hogan for more details.

What to bring

Handy to have with you

The University won't ask to see these but they will be useful to have if you're moving to the city. 

  • Bank account details

  • National insurance number

  • Passport

  • Driving licence (if you have one)

Study essentials

The University provides the latest version of Microsoft Office free of charge. There are plenty shops in Dundee where you can pick up supplies, but the following will help get you started:

  • A laptop

  • USB sticks

  • Notebooks/writing pads

  • Pens

  • Folders

Preparation courses - for college leavers

We run a preparation programme to get you off to the best possible start at Abertay. You're automatically invited and we'll send you links in September.

To find out more, see the Abertay College Transition programme (ACT) for those joining us from college.

Accommodation – student halls of residence and what to pack

Student halls

Once you have a firm offer from Abertay you can apply for accommodation. If you're starting in September, you need to book once we have emailed you to say that booking is open, and emails are normally are sent out by end of June. Once you've booked and paid your fee, your room is confirmed.

For full details of room types, pricing and info about the halls, see Student Accommodation. We partner with private companies who provide excellent student accommodation and all the halls are ten minutes or less walk away from campus. Abertay students get preferential rates so check your emails for full details.

If you have booked a room in the halls of residence, you need to contact them about arrival dates and keys.

Bedroom essentials for halls

They don't supply bedding, so bring your duvet, pillows and sheet with you. We recommend you bring a mattress protector unless you’re staying at Parker House, which supplies one. If you don’t want to carry bulky bedding on your journey, you can go shopping in Dundee when you arrive.

Other essentials

Everything here can be bought once you arrive but you may want to bring them from home.

  • Plates and cutlery

  • Towels

  • Cooking utensils e.g. spatulas, wooden spoons

  • Cleaning materials

  • Toilet rolls

  • Clothes hangers

What not to bring

Please don’t bring items such as pets (!), fridges, freezers, tumble dryers, microwaves, toasters, kettles and heaters. They’re not permitted unless there is a specific reason such as medication that must be kept in a fridge. This list is not complete, for full details contact your accommodation provider. 

Overseas students – getting here and special events

Getting here

Travelling to Abertay - Airports

There are three major international airports you can arrive into: Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Edinburgh is the closest, but all of them are less than a two-hour drive from Dundee. Dundee does have an airport which operates two domestic flights to and from London City Airport per day.

If you are flying into a London airport, you can also get the train to Dundee. The train journey from London takes five-and-a-half to six hours and you'll usually get a cheaper ticket if you book in advance.

Getting from the Airport to Abertay

Taxis and private hire cars available. The fare should be approximately £90-£100 from Edinburgh Airport to Dundee, but please check with your driver, or with the private hire company directly. We recommend you book a taxi ahead of time to ensure you know what it will cost. It takes about 1.5 hours to get to campus from Edinburgh Airport.

You can take trains from the airports to Dundee and they are much cheaper than taxis. Check times, schedules, prices and book advance tickets on the Scotrail website. Dundee train station is approximately 10 minutes walk away from the Abertay campus.

You can arrive by coach (bus). There are two companies to choose from so they are fairly frequent. The journey takes 80-90 minutes and costs from £8-£15 depending on which service you choose. The coach drop off points in Dundee are five to ten minutes from campus. You need to book online in advance.

International Student Welcome Event

We hold a welcome event for international students, where you can meet other people who have come from overseas and find out more about the University.

You'll see details in the Freshers' Week Guide under 'MySchedule'.

Freshers' Week 

The Freshers' Week guide will be on our intranet in early September. It shows the full programme of all academic, induction and social activities and how to access them.

To view the Intranet, you'll need to log in using your Abertay IT account and password.

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