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Bachelor of Laws

Law affects every aspect of our lives - from driving a car or buying a house, to seeking justice as the victim of a crime. Not only is law a prestigious and well-paid profession, but one that is vital to a just and fair society.

Next Start Date: September

Degree type: LLB (Hons)

UCAS Code: M114 LLB/Law

Duration: 4 years (full-time)


Why choose this course?

  • A law degree at Abertay is a passport to a range of jobs and not just in the legal profession.  
  • The training this course gives you prepares you to think systematically, apply multi-sourced information to solve problems and to communicate confidently with a variety of audiences.
  • There is a strong focus on skills development through innovative delivery and assessment.  
  • Extra-curricular activities such as the Citizens Advice Bureau Employment Law Clinic is a prime example of how our students put their knowledge into action in a practice-based approach to learning.
  • Our LLB is accredited by the Law Society of Scotland and enables graduates, on successful completion of postgraduate training, to become Scottish solicitors.  The Faculty of Advocates also accredit the course.

We designed our LLB (Hons) degree around two central themes.  The first is a focus on employability skills, ensuring we develop the potential of all our students as well as their knowledge. From your first term to your last you make presentations, draft legal documents and engage in negotiations.  You will also use our mock court facility for debates, client interviews and 'mooting' exercises where you present legal arguments.  In Year 3 you will have an opportunity to undertake a work placement module under the supervision of a legal practitioner or other professional in a law related setting and/or undergo training to enable you to give legal advice to the general public in our law clinic.

Secondly, we emphasise the pervasive European influence in our legal system - both historically and now through integration with the rest of the EU.  You will have an opportunity to undertake a single term of study abroad at one of our EU partner institutions in Year 3 to broaden your knowledge and understanding of law and legal systems.  Not only is this a fantastic educational and cultural experience - it is something that will make your CV stand out!

Our small class sizes and committed team provide a teaching and learning environment which is very highly rated by our students - as shown in the National Student Survey undertaken in 2015 where 100% of our Honours students said:

"The course is intellectually stimulating."
"Staff made the subject interesting."
"Staff are good at explaining things."
"They received sufficient advice and support with their studies."
"As a result of the course, they feel confident in tackling unfamiliar problems." 


What you study

What you study
The Scottish legal system and the main building blocks of Scots law are covered in Years 1 and 2 of the degree.  At these stages you will also study complementary subjects from a range of disciplines which helps you develop a view of the differing contects in which law operates.  In Years 3 and 4 the degree offers specialist options in European law and dynamic areas such as Intellectual Property Law, Information Law and Investor Protection Law. 

For more information on the course content, download the LLB with Honours

How you learn and are assessed
We recognise that our students have different learning styles and different skills when they start their studies.  Our aim is to ensure that we nurture, in all of our students, knowledge and understanding of the subjects studied, together with the research and employability skills needed for a world of constant change.  So, you will learn in a variety of settings, including interactive lectures, tutorials, computer labs, oral presentations and through group exercises such as negotiations.  We use exams, courseworks, presentations and a range of practical oral and written assessments which will develop your ability to present sophisticated arguments and complex information. 

Examination techniques
We use exams, courseworks, presentations and a range of practical oral and written assessments.  Examinations or class tests feature in the majority of accredited subjects at stages 1-3.  


Entry routes

Minimum Entrance Requirements

English and Maths: 
All applicants must have passes in National 5 or GCSE English grade C/4 and National 4 or GCSE Maths grade C/4


 ABBB; A Level BCC; Irish Highers H2H3H3H3; BTEC Extended Diploma DMM - Business (Law); International Baccalaureate 29 Points to include literate subject at S5 or H4
Essential subjects: To include English or other literate subject
HNC/HND - our Coming from College pages list approved HNC/HND courses
SWAP - our Coming from College pages list approved SWAP courses 

Not sure if you are eligible for entry?

If you have the potential and motivation to study at university, regardless of your background or personal circumstances, we welcome your application.

We know that some people have faced extra challenges before applying to university and that is why we consider the background in which your academic grades have been achieved when making an offer. 

If you expect to receive passes in 3 Scottish Highers (grades A-C) and have:

  • been in care, or
  • participated in a targeted aspiration-raising programme such as LIFT OFF, LEAPS, FOCUS West, or Aspire North
  • no family background of going to university, or
  • live in an area, or attend a school, where not many people go to university

We encourage you to submit an application.

International Applicants

You must provide certified proof of your English language level (minimum requirements are listed here).  Our British Council accredited International English Foundation Course can help you reach that level or, if you would like further develop your academic English, Intensive English for Academic Purposes can help you achieve your full potential.

EU applicants:  Entry requirements can be found on our Europe pages.  Overseas (non-EU) applicants:  We're currently developing your country pages, so please email us details of your entry requirements.

Alternative Entrance Requirements
Please email us if you have other qualifications/experience not listed here.

Fees and scholarships

Fee Category Tuition Fees
Scholarships & Bursaries
Scottish and other EU students

Current fees

Other forms of support
English, Welsh and Northern Irish

Current fees

Bursaries & Scholarships
Overseas (non EU) students

Current fees

Overseas Scholarships

Fees shown are payable annually, and may be subject to increase each year.

Further info

Career prospects
A law degree equips you with a wide range of employability skills and our graduates enjoy a variety of careers.  After studying part-time for our degree, one graduate went on to become Scottish Trainee of the Year, and is now associate partner with a large, well-respected firm.  Another, originally from Germany, become a criminal defence solicitor, a career she always dreamt of.  Others go on to use their law degrees in allied areas such as the court service, the police and the civil service, or work in law centres or advice bureaus.  Graduates have found careers in banks, financial services and journalism.  Others have chosen careers as legal academics and some have used their legal knowledge to assist them in setting up their own businesses.

"The way the Abertay LLB is structured and taught in small groups allows you to gain vital legal and inter-personal skills that will prove so valuable when studying for the diploma in professional legal practice and also in many other areas of your life.  

"I know I would not have done so well in my undergraduate studies had it not been for the level of commitment and encouragement from my tutors, who constantly strived to help and make sure I reached my full potential.  

"As someone who has now completed the postgraduate diploma in professional legal practice, I can say with 100% confidence I would not have coped as well had it not been for me undertaking my undergraduate studies at Abertay, where assessments include client interviews, presentations, group work, court work and debates and moots.  

"These types of assessments are also included in the diploma, so I was in no way phased by this because of the truly fantastic preparation I was given at undergraduate level, at Abertay.

"I also know that the academic and legal skills I gained at Abertay helped set me apart from other candidates at the interview stage for a post-diploma legal traineeship with a Scottish law firm, because I got the job!"
Faye Rogers LLB (Hons)

Industry links
Industry/Law Society of Scotland speakers at all stages of the programme. 

Want to know more?
Student Recruitment Office
T:  +44 (0) 1382 308080
F:  +44 (0) 1382 308081


"The academic and legal skills I gained at Abertay helped set me apart from other candidates at the interview stage for a post-diploma legal traineeship with a Scottish law firm because I got the job!"

Faye Rogers LLB (Hons)

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