Ondrej Dlask

Ondrej received the Santander Opportunities Fund in April 2019. He used it to cover the travel costs associated with an internship in Berlin.

Ondrej is a Year 4 BA (Hons) Marketing and Business student at Abertay University.

How did the Santander Opportunities Fund help you?

The Santander Opportunities Fund helped me cover the travel cost associated with my internship in Berlin. In summer of 2019, I spent three months as a full-time Online Marketing Intern in a startup company called Mailbutler. The company offers an email extension that helps professionals manage their emails productively. I was given the responsibility to manage my own project of the mobile app release, which enabled the company to tap into a new market with a goal to extend its services and attract more customers. I was creating content and marketing strategy for the project which included the following activities: email marketing, blog creation, social media management, copywriting for landing pages, writing press releases.

I would like to thank Santander Universities for the provided support, which enabled me to gain real-life experience in my field and develop skills essential for my future career.
Ondrej Dlask | Abertay University | Year 4 BA (Hons) Marketing and Business

How has the Santander Opportunities Fund benefitted your studies and future career?

The Santander Opportunities Fund contributed to my ability to undertake the internship which was my first full-time job experience in the field of marketing. It was therefore an invaluable firsthand experience of what my future job as a marketer could look like and only reassured me that this is the career path I want to follow.

What do you hope to do next?

I am planning to gain more experience in marketing and continue improving my skills, while successfully progressing with my studies.

You can learn more about the Santander Opportunities Fund here

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