Ondrej Dlask

Ondrej received the Santander Opportunities Fund in February 2020. He used it to obtain a fully-funded internship as a Digital Marketing Manager.

Ondrej is a Year 4 BA (Hons) Marketing and Business student at Abertay University.

How did the Santander Opportunities Fund help you?

I used the Santander Opportunities Fund to get a fully-funded internship as a Digital Marketing Manager in a startup company called Fertility Genomics. The company provides fertility DNA tests to advise couples affected from unexplained infertility on the best method of assisted conception treatment.

Due to the situation caused by COVID-19, I completed the entire internship while working from home. During the internship, I completed 140 hours of work within three months.

The list of activities I got involved with includes:

  • Setting up a brand identity (logo, colours, USP, voice, personality, values, vision, mission, purpose)
  • Creating buyer personas
  • Setting up company profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Conducting keyword research for SEO marketing
  • Suggesting website improvements
  • Researching and reaching out to suitable website partners for display advertising

Using my network, I was also able to deliver high-quality flyers, graphics and an explainer video for the company.

In summary, the tasks I completed helped the company to prepare for its launch in the upcoming weeks.

I'm very grateful and would like to sincerely thank Santander Universities for the support. It enabled me to undertake the internship and contributed to my professional development.
Ondrej Dlask | Abertay University | Year 4 BA (Hons) Marketing and Business

How has the Santander Opportunities Fund benefitted your studies and future career?

Thanks to the Fund, I was able to obtain funding for the internship I would otherwise have not been able to undertake due to the need to cover my living costs. Overall, the internship was an invaluable experience that greatly complemented my degree by enabling me to apply the theory and test my marketing skills in a real-world scenario, which will certainly prove to be beneficial in my future career.

What do you hope to do next?

I have reached an agreement with Fertility Genomics, meaning I will get equity in the company in exchange for managing all marketing activities. This provides an incredible opportunity for me to further improve my skills and I hope my work will contribute to the future growth of the company. Meanwhile, I am in the final year of my studies, which I intend to complete while maintaining high academic merit.

You can learn more about the Santander Opportunities Fund here