Lauren Arkoosh

Lauren received the Santander Opportunites Fund in December 2019. The funding helped partially pay for the second-ever World Marine Mammal Conference.

Lauren is in the second year of her PhD at Abertay University. She studies seals as a sentinel species of antimicrobial resistance.

How did the Santander Opportunities Fund help you?

The Santander Opportunities Fund helped partially pay for the second-ever World Marine Mammal Conference, which combined the Society for Marine Mammology’s semi-annual conference and the European Cetacean Society’s annual conference in Barcelona.

I'd like to say a very big thank you to Santander Universities for helping me to further my career in Marine Mammal Science and Molecular Biology.
Lauren Arkoosh | Abertay University | PhD student

How has the Santander Opportunities Fund benefitted your studies and future career?

Without the fund, I would not have been able to attend the conference or do any of the networking that I accomplished. There were world leaders in attendance from the field I want to be a part of, as well as policymakers.  

What do you hope to do next?

I'd love to attend the Society for Marine Mammology’s next semi-annual conference in 2021 (if it's still happening) and finish my PhD!

You can learn more about the Santander Opportunities Fund here