What to do if you're worried about your friend or flatmate

Advice on what to do if concerned about someone else

What to do if your worried about your friend or flatmate

If you are worried about the wellbeing of a friend or flatmate, you can voice your concerns to a member of staff in SAcS or refer to our Student Mental Health policy.

Emergency drop-in appointments with a counsellor are also available. You can book one of these by reporting to the Student Enquiry Zone (SEZ) on Level 1 of the Library. Or you can email counselling@abertay.ac.uk / phone 01382 308805. This is a confidential service and the student you're raising a concern about will not be told of your involvement.

The Advisory Service offer drop-in online appointments as well. To book, email: advisory@abertay.ac.uk

If you believe there to be an immediate risk of harm, you can phone Police Scotland on 101 to arrange a welfare check. You can do this anonymously, if preferred, however you will be required to provide an address for the student.

It may seem dishonest to go behind a friend, flatmate, or fellow students back in this manner. But doing so can create opportunities for them to access the right support. Especially if they are unable or unwilling to do this themselves.

Look After Your Mate

Look After Your Mate support image

We provide training for students to support their friends through university life.

Training dates for 2024 to be announced soon.

Additional information on Look After Your Mate can be found here.

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