Meet Callum

My name is Callum Henry, I’m 20 and from Glasgow.

1. I chose Abertay as my place to study when I found out that Abertay was one of the best universities for courses on game development. My course is Game Design & Production Management (GDPM). Being more intrigued with design than coding and with a strong passion to make memorable games for people, I knew that GDPM was the course for me.

My passion for game design stems from times in my childhood, playing games that absolutely blew my mind with their story twists and elaborate designs. I knew I wanted to design games that gave other people the same excitement that I had from playing games growing up.

2. Abertay surprised me with how vibrant the student life is here. There is never a dull moment while studying at Abertay due to the vast amounts of events, societies, and sports teams. Overall the University is a friendly and exciting environment to be a part of.

I’m quite a busy guy since there’s always something going on in Dundee. Most of my time is spent socialising with friends, which can be just having a catch up or going on nights out. Being a big believer in the importance of taking care of my health I go to the gym six times a week.

3. Since I am a Twitch Affiliate, livestreaming video games is another major pastime for me. Creating a community on Twitch is an amazing experience since I am connecting to people from all over the World.

4. Listening to music is one of my favourite things to do and if I had to choose, my go to artists would be Drake and Beyoncé.

5. My dog Buddy is my No.1 Fan. He’s a Springer Spaniel.

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