Eligibility and your Results

If you register and successfully gain your target award, you’ll be included on the graduation list for November 2019.

Who should register to graduate?

  • Undergraduate students who have completed an honours degree.
  • Postgraduate students who have successfully completed an MSc.
  • Undergraduate students who have completed an unclassified degree.
  • Postgraduate students who have completed a postgraduate diploma.
  • Students in the process of completing a Doctor or Master of Philosophy or Masters by Research.

If you're awarded a Certificate, Diploma of Higher Education or a Postgraduate Certificate you won't be eligible to graduate.

If you miss the graduation registration deadline?

The deadline for registration is Sunday 3 November. If you miss that date, you’ll be unable to graduate at the November ceremony and will have to wait until the next one in July 2020.  You should know we consider late registrations only in exceptional circumstances.

Fee for graduation

There is a Graduation Registration charge of £35 for those students wishing to attend a graduation ceremony and a £20 charge for students who wish to graduate in absentia. This charge covers the administration of your award.


What if I owe the University money?

If you owe the University money for any reason such as tuition fees, rent or library fines, you might not be permitted to graduate and won’t receive your certificate of award. You must clear any outstanding debts by 3 November 2019.

If you register to graduate and then incur a debt you have until 10 November to clear it.

Any tuition or accommodation debt will show on your statement in OASIS and you pay online through your OASIS account. Contact finance@abertay.ac.uk if you  have a query on the outstanding balance.

For library fines or overdue books, contact sez@abertay.ac.uk

Can I graduate ‘in absentia’ and then attend a later ceremony in person?

No, graduation in person or in absentia can only take place once. It is not possible therefore to accept an award in absentia and then make arrangements to attend a future ceremony.

Can I defer my graduation?

Yes, you can defer your graduation until the next Ceremony, Thursday 2 July 2020. You can’t claim the award though until you formally graduate.