Christine Morris

BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning, Class of 2022

Graduate profile

Congratulations on your Graduation - what now?

Currently I am working towards progressing my sports therapy business (The Repair Room), more so the coaching, prehabilitation and rehabilitation side of things. Moving forwards I am looking to provide better facilities and all of my facilities under one roof.

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What's your long term ambition?

My long term ambition is to operate from my own facility, with access for my clients to not only my therapy sessions, but gym equipment for rehab, prehab purposes and also to develop their strength and conditioning. There is a lack of access for this type of facility for the general public, not everyone feels comfortable or is perhaps even able to use a public gym or facility, especially if it's not solely for working out. My clients range in age from 11 years old right up to 82 years old, some are athletes, some are not. It's difficult sending a client away with a list of exercises/stretches that I know I could facilitate better by tailoring a programme and coaching them through the entire process. This could speed up their recovery significantly, improve strength, increase flexibility or even change their body composition.

How are you feeling now that you're time at Abertay has come to an end?

I have a mixture of emotions now my time at Abertay has come to an end. Excitement mainly for what the future holds for myself, my daughter and my business. Sadness too, it was nice to be among like minded people on my course and to have such highly motivated lecturers. Its been quite the journey, especially completing my studies during a pandemic and I do feel a sense of accomplishment for that alone. There have been plenty ups and downs along the way, being a small business owner it was a difficult time, not just for myself but for everyone.

Why did you decide to study at Abertay?

Abertay offered the Strength and Conditioning pathway, this was the course most suited to my needs. It was an added bonus its only 30 minutes drive away from where I live.

What were the highlights of your time at Abertay?

The main highlight of my time at Abertay is without a doubt having access to the first class facilities. During the advanced physiology module in fourth year we covered acclimatisation and acclimation to heat, humidity and altitude during sports performance and got to experience it first hand by fitness testing in a tent specifically designed to mimic certain conditions/climates. This included increased temperature and humidity and also a limited amount of oxygen. I think its one of the most challenging things I have ever done. This type of equipment is generally only accessible to professional athletes and are not only very expensive but of a limited commodity. I feel very fortunate to have been involved.

How did you find having to move to online learning due to COVID-19?

For me the online learning to a certain extent was a blessing in disguise. I'm a single parent and business owner and the extra time at home was definitely beneficial for me personally, it made home schooling my daughter much easier. Educationally having a ten year gap between studies and also being aged 44 my memory is not what it once was. Having such a big gap between my further education meant I did not have to change anything, so did not really know any different. Having the ability to re-watch lectures was a bonus for me, this allowed me to grasp things a lot better. For the online tutorials, the lecturers did a brilliant job, I cannot imagine it was easy turning such a practical course in to online learning in such a short space of time. The downside to the online learning was not really having any peer support during third year, I did not realise this at the time, it was not until fourth year where we attended classes with limited restrictions that we made friends and supported each other. Also not getting to meet some of my lecturers in person was a bit disappointing but totally understandable.

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