Lucy Holden

BSc (Hons) Food and Consumer Science, Class of 2022

Graduate Profile

Congratulations on your Graduation - what now?

Recently I have been successful in achieving employment as a process technologist in a cake factory in Scotland. I am really looking forward to starting my new position following Graduation this summer and am very excited to see where this role can take me in the future.

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What's your long term ambition?

I am looking forward to starting work and progressing my career in the food and drink industry where I can apply my knowledge and creativity to the fastest-growing manufacturing sector in the UK.

How are you feeling now that your time at Abertay has come to an end?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Abertay. It has been such a great experience, but now I am looking forward to starting my career. Studying at Abertay has provided me with a great learning experience and I have gained many transferable skills to use in the world of work.

Why did you decide to study at Abertay?

I have always been interested in baking and cooking from a very young age and excelled in home economics classes in high school. When researching the Food and Consumer Science degree at Abertay, I knew it would be an exciting area to study, and the degree pathway could lead to several possible career pathways.

What were the highlights of your time at Abertay?

Besides enjoying the modules taught, I was also a member of the University Athletics Club. Having co-founded the club in 2018 and being club treasurer and then president, the athletics club has grown year on year and I can't wait to see how the club will continue to develop after I graduate. Being part of the club was a great way to make new friends and allowed me to participate across Scotland in several competitions organised by Scottish Student Sport.

How did you find having to move to online learning due to COVID-19?

I adjusted well to online learning as I already had built a good professional relationship with many of the lecturers who taught my degree. This meant I was not afraid to reach out to them when I needed help and support and they all were very supportive and I didn't feel like any of my learning was being significantly compromised. I was very happy when classes began on campus in my final year which was essential to the successful completion of my honours project.

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