Erin Hutchison

BSc (Hons) Food, Nutrition and Health, Class of 2022

Graduate Profile

Congratulations on your Graduation - what now?

In August I will be starting the Home Economics (Secondary) Programme at Queen Margaret University.

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What's your long term ambition?

My long term ambition is to become a Home Economics teacher in Scotland. Throughout my course at Abertay, I was given the experience, knowledge and guidance to help me decide my future goals and ambitions. I was given the opportunity to explore different career paths that I didn't think were possible. However, after completing a short placement in a secondary school teaching Home Economics, I was confident that it was the correct career path for me.

How are you feeling now that your time at Abertay has come to an end?

I am sad that my time at Abertay has come to an end. However, I feel very grateful and blessed to have experienced it. I have met some of the nicest people, from students to lecturers who I will definitely keep in contact with in the future. I truly enjoyed my time at Abertay and would highly recommend the University to anyone.

Why did you decide to study at Abertay?

Abertay is a small but amazing University. Being a part of a smaller class is so beneficial and really appealed to me. It gave me the opportunity to create strong relationships with both lecturers and students. Moving from College to University and joining in second year, I was a bit apprehensive about falling behind. However, I was not the only student in this situation and the additional support given to me from my lecturers was exceptional.

What were the highlights of your time at Abertay?

Meeting so many people who have similar interests. Learning different skills and techniques that will stay with me for life. Getting to travel around the UK for competitions with the Dance Team.

How did you find having to move to online learning due to COVID-19?

At the beginning it was very difficult to stay motivated and engaged. However, over time, it became easier and I would now go as far to say I prefer it. Being able to access recorded lectures as you please, definitely helped when revising for exams and completing coursework.

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