Alumni from our Division of Games and Art

A picture of Eilidh MacLeod standing with her hands in her pockets.

Eilidh Macleod

Eilidh works as a Games Designer at Fortitude Games.

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A photo of Natalie Clayton in front of a microphone

Natalie Clayton

Taking part in a TEDx event on campus helped Natalie's career fall into place.

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Exterior of Abertay Universities Bernard King Library

Simon Messer

Co-Owner of Wee Door, Simon is also working as Lead UX Designer at BBC +Ui UX&D.

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Early career paths of our 2019 Games graduates (Art and Design)

A photo of Jess Hider wearing a sea captain's hat.

Jess Hider

Jess has worked with legendary franchises like Mario and now works at iconic gam...

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Nicole wearing a grey hoodie with glasses on top of her hair, looking happy

Nicole Sangster

In the wonderful new V&A Dundee, Nicole promotes the museum to the world

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A photo of Abbie Smeaton smiling

Abbie Smeaton

Abbie works at SEO company Verve Search as a Junior Designer.

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Courtney Spivey

Courtney Spivey is a Game Designer at Space Ape Games in London.

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Anjali Shibu

Anjali Shibu is a Design Assistant at Playground Games.

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Lan Mi

Lan Mi is a Senior Business Strategy Manager for Tencent Games in China.

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