Welcome to students from Canada

In Scotland, we value our many historical and cultural connections with Canada and Canadians. Abertay has nurtured these links by warmly welcoming Canadian students through its doors for a number of years.

Our Canadian Engagement Lead regularly attends exhibitions and visits schools across Canada to support students and counsellors through the application process.

Benefits of a Scottish Degree:

  • Four year undergraduate degrees are similar to the Canadian system, with lectures, seminars and tutorials forming the basis
  • Ideal for students who want to specialise immediately in their chosen subject as the focus is on the main degree subject from Year 1
  • Taught Master’s degrees are one year in Scotland, saving you a year and achieving the same recognised qualification.
  • Scottish universities enjoy a prestigious worldwide reputation for quality, academic rigour and focus.


Humber College

Transfer information

Humber College Students can now transfer to one of the TOP universities for Games Studies in Europe, according to the Princeton Review.

Applications are open, please apply here. Applications are free.

  • Students must complete the three-year Advanced Diploma in Game Programming (at 65% or higher) from Humber College to be considered for admission.
  • Humber students accepted into the Masters program at Abertay University will follow a two-year program which includes a one-year pre-Masters preparation course in conjunction with 4th year students in Computer Game Applications Development, followed by an additional year of project-based work to achieve both the award of BSc (Hons) in Computer Games Application Development and Masters of Professional Practice in Games Development.  
  • Scholarships are available for Humber students, please enquire for details.
  • For further information please contact Beth Meehan, North American Engagement Lead: b.meehan@abertay.ac.uk
  • Please apply using the free online form here.

Vanier College, Montreal

Transfer information

Applications are open, please apply here. Applications are free.

  • Students must complete all three years of the Computer Science Technology Diploma (at 70% or higher overall, with an R score of 24) from Vanier College to be considered for admission.
  • Vanier College students accepted into the BSc in Ethical Hacking at Abertay University will enter 2nd year of the four-year honours degree.  
  • Scholarships are available for Vanier students, please enquire for details.
  • For further information, please contact Beth Meehan, North American Engagement Lead: b.meehan@abertay.ac.uk
  • Please apply using the free online form here.

Beth Meehan our North American Engagement Lead

Originally from the Niagara Region, I came to Dundee in 2016, although I’ve lived in Scotland off and on for close to 10 years. I love Scottish culture, history and nature but I really miss the Canadian backyard barbecues on a super-hot summer day, butter tarts and snow days.

I very much look forward to helping you come to Abertay. I'm here for you every step of the way so don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Contact me

Beth Meehan standing in front of a colourful background.

Liam Wong Art Director at Ubisoft, Montreal

What is your lasting impression of Dundee and Abertay?

"It was instrumental. From graduating at Abertay to becoming Ubisoft’s youngest director in the space of two and a half years, everything I knew about working in teams, leadership, planning, presenting my work and giving direction was picked up from my experience at Abertay."

Undergraduate Entry Requirements

The following programmes require a high school diploma/DEC/certificate of graduation with the minimum requirements as stated below:

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance65% 
BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science65%Biology and Chemistry
BA (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management65% 
BA (Hons) Business Management65% 
BA (Hons) Computer Arts75%Art, Photography or Graphic Design
BSc (Hons) Computer Game Applications Development75%Math
BSc (Hons) Computing70%ONE of Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geography, Physics or Information Science
BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology75%Math at 70%
BA (Hons) Criminology70% 
BSc (Hons) Ethical Hacking70%ONE of Computer Science, Math subjects, Chemistry, Geography, Physics
BSc (Hons) Fitness, Nutrition and Health70%ONE of Math, Biology, Physics or PE
BSc (Hons) Food and Consumer Sciences65% 
BSc (Hons) Food, Nutrition and Health65% 
BSc (Hons) Forensic Sciences65%Chemistry and Biology
BA (Hons) Game Design and Production75% 
LLB (Hons) Law70% 
BA (Hons) Marketing and Business65% 
BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing70%Demonstrate evidence of literacy and numeracy. Demonstrate ability to undertake the study of science as applied to mental health nursing
BSc (Hons) Physical Activity and Health entry through BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise
BSc (Hons) Psychology70% 
BSc (Hons) Psychology and Counselling70% 
BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise70%Leads to a choice of BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science, BSc (Hons) Sports Development and Coaching, BA (Hons) Sport and Management, BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning

Postgraduate Taught Entry Requirements

Programme Requirement(s)
MSc Accounting and Finance (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Gateway)Honours UG degree in accounting at 60% or above
 MSc Computer Games TechnologyHonours UG degree in computing at 60% or above
 MSc Ethical Hacking and Cyber SecurityHonours UG degree in computing (focussed on software development and networking) at 60% or above
Professional Masters in Games DevelopmentHonours UG degree in relevant subject such as computer games technology, computer science, digital art and animation, games design and production, audio production - at 70% or above


Scholarships and Funding

Abertay Undergraduate Scholarships: This is an award of £3,000 per annum for international undergraduate students and is intended to support you with living and travel costs. The award is paid in equal instalments in January and April for a maximum of four years.

Abertay Graduate Scholarships: This is an award of £3,000 for international graduate students domiciled outside of the UK who are accepted into graduate studies.

Canada Student Loans and Canada Student Grants: Abertay is on the master list of designated educational institutions for Canada Student Loans. Our institutional code is PUKL. For application information please see Canada Student Loans Website.

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships: £8,000 towards tuition fees for one year of full-time study on a graduate Masters programme to citizens of Canada and four other countries. For more information please visit Scotland's Saltire Scholarships

Partnerships and Exchanges

Abertay University has two partners in Canada:

  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • University of Ontario (Ontario Tech) in Ontario.

Our academic cooperation incorporates collaborative research, faculty exchange and student exchange programmes. For this and other exchange and study abroad opportunities please see: Abertay Exchange and Study Abroad


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