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Consumer Driven New Product Development

Consumer driven new product development can be a costly process and identifying the correct type of consumer and or sensory test at the appropriate stage of the NPD process can be a difficult task whilst working to a limited budget. Sensory and Consumer Science Scotland provide industrial collaborators transformational opportunities to understand the consumer by designing pioneering solutions to specific food related sensory issues.  Dr John Grigor who heads the division has had extensive experience advising businesses on what type of test will fit best your business objectives whilst carefully explaining how to interpret the results in light of future business decisions. Our goal is to be flexible and fit testing around budgets, timescales and objectives.  

Call Dr John Grigor for a free assessment of your sensory and consumer needs: j.grigor@abertay.ac.uk or call 01382 308365


The types of activities we carry out:

  • Central location testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Product optimisation
  • Qualitative research (e.g. focus groups, one-to-one interviews)
  • Consumer driven concept development and testing
  • Trained panel descriptive analysis


We can combine statistically product descriptive and consumer hedonic sensory testing. This will enable us to understand how product characteristics contribute to the overall needs of the consumer. This enables us to identify ideal product profiles for specific market segments and to describe how current or newly developed prototypes/concepts fit the needs of targeted markets.

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