Our Research

Our Research

As a University we are research active in sensory and consumer science. We have expertise and equipment to employ more advanced psychophysiological techniques ,such as facial electromyography and eye tracking technology, whilst also having a Human Interactive Virtual Environment for contextualising buyer behaviour.

If you are interested in collaborating with Abertay University or would like the University to research on your behalf please contact Dr John Grigor: j.grigor@abertay.ac.uk or call 01382 308365


Recently completed  and active research projects related to consumer and sensory  science:

  • Developing a successful food new product development tool linking affective testing (using facial electromyography) with sensory attribute selection.
  • The application of human-like agents in self-service technology, Royal Academy of Engineering, Industrial Secondment.
  • Exploring yeast diversity in whisky fermentations for biocatalysis of desirable flavour compounds, collaboration with the Scottish Whisky Research Institute, funded by IBioIC.
  • A Biometric system for identifying stress signatures from keystrokes metrics Carnegie Trust
  • The application of sensory and consumer science to help inform decision-making in potato breeding programmes, Agrico UK Ltd.
  • Health Asian Food Choice and NZ Inc. Ministry of Business Industry and Employment (New Zealand),  collaboration with Massey University
  • Sensory profiling of chocolate from the Scottish Chocolatiers: discovering the point of difference through trained panels. Scottish Chocolatiers
  • Optimising chocolate flavour and texture. Mackies of Scotland.
  • Sensory, consumer and instrumental analysis of trout . Innovation Competition; Interface Food and Drink, Scotland, Dawn Fresh Seafood Ltd.


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