Our Facilities

We're focused on providing the latest sensory and consumer testing to meet the needs of your business. Our facilities are available for hire with or without technical support.

Our dedicated staff have worked with small, medium and large businesses on projects ranging from trained panel descriptive testing , concept testing, central location testing and more advanced psychophysiological techniques such as facial electromyography and eye tracking technology. We also have links into Asian markets to access appropriate consumer groups for companies keen to export to these territories.

View more below or for more information, please contact business@abertay.ac.uk.

Sensory Booths

Brand new state of the art consumer experience laboratory including 12 sensory booths, focus group room and adjoining kitchen simulation room.

Three taste testing windows with a person behind each window offering food tasting

Facial Electromyography

 Specialised equipment for consumer testing includes electromyography (AD Instruments) for facial recognition and oral processing research.

Female wearing electromyography equipment on face

Eye Tracker

A Human Interactive Virtual Environment dedicated lab space designed to explore virtual and augmented reality experiences by users, consisting of a Vive mobility space, a motion capture studio, psycho-physiological measurement technology and eye tracker, in addition to EEG readers. 

Female wearing eye tracking equipment on head

Product Development lab

A New Product Development lab, providing facilities for pilot scale projects. Equipment available includes spray-drier, freeze-drier, extruders, micro-brewery, rheometer, texture analyser, particle size analyser.

Female working with food equipment in a food laboratory

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