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Our archive consists of records and collections relating to the University and its predecessor institutions going back to 1887. There are also some small collections from former students and staff.

We have records covering course development, staff matters, the development of the University and some areas of research.

The main areas of interest are listed below. A detailed list of our records is also being developed at our online catalogue.

The available archive record lists can be searched at https://archive.abertay.ac.uk/Please contact us if this does not include what you are looking for.

Minutes (1888 – present)

Minutes of meetings:

  • Dundee Technical Institute (1888-1911)
  • Dundee Technical College and School of Art (1911-1933)
  • Dundee Institute of Art and Technology (1933-1975)
  • Dundee College of Technology (1975-1988)
  • Dundee Institute of Technology (1988-1994)
  • Abertay University (1994-present).

Surviving committee minutes are also available where we have them.

Administrative records (1888 onwards)

Other records relating to the administration of the institution:

  • Correspondence - patchy, starting in 1888.
  • Abstracts of accounts - patchy, starting in 1888.
  • Annual reports - patchy, starting in 1914.
  • Strategic reports - c. 1980-2005.
  • Course scheme development papers - c. 1970-2004.

Student records (1902 – 1983)

Records of students’ enrolment at predecessor institutions.

Typically these include names, addresses, their age or date of birth at the point of enrolment, and some details of the course they were enrolled in. In some instances, individual course results are also available.

NB: These records contain personal information, and access to them is restricted under GDPR. For student records from 1983 onwards, please contact the University Registry.

Prospectuses (1887-2019)

Annual details of courses offered by the institutions with entrance qualification requirements. Prospectuses may also provide names of teaching staff.

Class results and Prize Lists (1894-1985)

Class results, including lists of certificates awarded to students, were published with the Syllabuses from 1894-1937.

A separate register of prizes and degrees awarded covers 1900-1985.

Newspaper Cuttings (1927-2010)

Books and folders containing newspaper articles relating to the institution, and its staff and students.

Photographs (c. 1900-present)

Photographs covering many areas of the life of the institution including staff, students, research, and interiors of the buildings (including machinery and equipment).


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