Abertay 25
Education Packs

Education packs created by Abertay University’s archives team and sponsored by Soroptimist International Dundee, Rautomead Ltd. and National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Abertay 25

Congratulations! You’ve found Abertay University Archive’s fantastic Abertay 25 Education Packs. Perhaps you’re here because you want to deliver an exciting research-based project with your group or class, or perhaps you’re interested in learning some research basics yourself. Either way, we hope you enjoy these packs as much as we have enjoyed making them.

Before you start your groups on their Enquiry Learning journey, we highly recommend looking through the Introduction and Welcome Packs found here.

You can contact us at any point during your research journey – our Archivist, Ruaraidh, would love to hear from you! Contact us on archives@abertay.ac.uk

Welcome Pack

Discover exactly what this project is, and how it will benefit you and your group

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Dundee Institute of Technology Science Demonstration 1990

Introduction Activities

These activities are a great way to introduce your group to the Enquiry Learning process and prepare them for the exciting research journey ahead!  

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Morgan Computer games design

Education Packs

When you and your group are ready, you can jump straight into a story of your choice! We have three available for you, but you can contact us to explore more stories, or discover how to create a research topic of your very own.

2 females working together

Women in Politics

Women in Politics Introduction Video

Explore the lives of two inspirational pioneering women in Dundee with links to Abertay’s history...

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2 females chatting outside Abertay University

Education in Industry

Education in Industry Introduction Video

Use evidence to explore the unique relationship between Dundee College of Technology and Rautomead Ltd.

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Lab environment - two males carrying out an experiment

Kalam Chowdhury

Kalam Chowdhury Introduction Video

Use evidence to discover the story of one of Dundee’s community pioneers

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Abertay University is deeply grateful to the following sponsors that provided funding for the education packs. Without their help these would not have been produced: Rautomead Ltd; Soroptimist International Dundee; National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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