Abertay 25+

The legacy of Abertay 25, and archive resources for community projects.

What is Abertay 25+?

Abertay 25+ is the legacy part of the Abertay 25 project that builds on its success by working with the community to develop research skills using our archives.

We want to encourage community groups and schools to run their own projects inspired by our Abertay 25 education packs. These demonstrate how to run research projects exploring our history.

Here are some resources and case studies that may inspire you. We will support anyone wanting to run their own Abertay25+ project too. If you would like to discuss this please email archives@abertay.ac.uk.

Morgan Computer games design

Case Study: St Paul's Academy Computer Heroes

This was our first Abertay 25+ project. Our Computer Heroes at St Paul's RC Academy researched the first computer we bought in 1966, how it worked and who operated it. Their research was inspired their work on developing some awesome computer games! Watch the video to find out more.



Dundee Technical College First Computer - Elliot 4100 in 1966

Case Study: Abertay 25 Changemakers

Our first Abertay 25 research projects were carried out with the help of over 250 Young Ambassadors, along with 16 volunteers. Find out more about the first Abertay 25 project and how they did it.

Our education pack about Abertay's Women in Politics provides more information about developing your own Abertay 25 Changemakers project. 

Grove Academy - David Reid Tait Puppet Show

Case Study: Memories Re-Animated

Our Young Ambassadors conducted this memory exchange project that produced amazing stop-motion animations at the same time as developing a new collection of interviews for the archives documenting the voices and experiences of former staff and students.

See the Memories: Reanimated interviews and find out more about the project.

Our education pack about Khalam Chowdhury gives more information about developing your own memory exchange project.

Mathure Stop Motion

Abertay 25+ Resources

Here is a range of resources and information to help inspire your own Abertay 25+ project.


Education Packs

Each pack explores a different story from our history, and takes users through how to research them further, providing support from the beginning through to the point of producing a creative output.

Find out more about our Education Packs.

First of the Abertay Firsts

A list of the stories discovered during the Abertay 25 project, that could be used by groups looking for inspiration for their own Abertay 25+ project.

Check out our inspirational stories.

Abertay University Archives Webpage

Further information about the Archives, including other stories that might inspire an Abertay 25+ project. Vist the Abertay Archives for inspiration.

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