Widening access to university

Over a third of Abertay students come to us from college or via non-traditional routes. We look at your potential as a person, not just your grades.

What is Widening Access?

The aim of widening access is to ensure the benefits of higher education are available to all, regardless of their background. It also aims to make sure that those with the ability to take advantage of higher education have the opportunity to do so.

Widening access to university means we look at your potential as a whole person, not just your grades. Here at Abertay, we believe if you want to study, you CAN get a degree, whatever your background or situation. 

  • Don’t think you can get to university?

  • Don’t have the right qualifications or any at all?

  • Never had the opportunity to go?

  • In employment and not sure you can do it?

…then think again.

Over a third of Abertay students come to us from college, as mature students or via other non-traditional routes. 

See below for more information on your path to university.

All about widening access

If you want to study at university, then we want to help you get here.

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Not sure you're eligible for university?

Want to come to university but not sure if you can do it? We look at the whole person, not just their grades and qualifications.

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Alternative Entry Routes to University

Applicants often have a wide range of qualifications and experience. Read more about access courses, preparation courses and alternative entry routes.

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Applying from College

Over a third of students come from college. Find out where your Access, HNC or HND course could take you.

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Qualifications from college

You can get to university with an access course, HNC or HND. Find out about the qualifications you need and the degrees you can apply for.

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Mature students

Mature students often work as well as studying and have caring responsibilities too. We know how to help and support you.

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Widening access support and information

We understand you need specific support.  If you need help with anything, be it personal, financial or academic, we're here for you.

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Dare school visit to Abertay.

Outreach and community engagement

We talk to schools, colleges and the wider community, giving advice and guidance about university life and the different entry routes to Abertay.

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Contact us about widening access

If you need help with plotting your route to university, please get in touch. 

Email: sro@abertay.ac.uk

Tel: 01382 308080

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