The Abertay Attributes

The issues and challenges faced by modern society are complex and cross disciplinary boundaries. We prepare our graduates to cope and thrive.

The Abertay Graduate Attributes Framework 


Attributes Diagram - Being and Active Citizen

The Abertay attributes are:

  1. Intellectual.

  2. Professional.

  3. Personal.

  4. Digital.

  5. Active Citizen.


1. Intellectual

We will actively support individuals to be able to: 

  • Master their subject, understand how it is evolving, appreciate the importance of interdisciplinarity and recognise how what has been learned can be applied.

  • Understand how knowledge is generated, processed and disseminated, and actively apply knowledge in order to recognise problems and solutions.

  • Be able to critically and rigorously evaluate information, and tackle uncertainty and information gaps with confidence and self-awareness.

2. Professional

We will actively support individuals to:

  • Be leaders, decision-makers and problem-solvers in their communities, tackling complex issues using creativity and considered judgement to make a difference to people’s lives.

  • Be equipped and motivated to continue learning and professional development throughout their careers.

  • Be able to work both independently and collaboratively, understanding the values and responsibilities of equality and playing a leadership and a team-member role as required. 

3. Personal

We will actively support individuals to:

  • Be determined, ambitious, articulate, adaptable, self-reflective, resilient, practical, proactive, innovative and enterprising.

  • Be responsive and responsible in personal, cultural and social contexts.

  • Understand and embody self-awareness, honesty and integrity in their professional and personal lives.

4. Digital

We will actively support individuals to:

  • Develop digital fluency, giving them knowledge, skills and confidence to embrace digital solutions.

  • Be prepared for the world of work and understand the likely impact of digital technology in their chosen subject and across contexts.

  • Be equipped for workforce transitions and lifelong learning, including the ability to learn online.

5. Be active citizens

We will actively support individuals to:

  • Actively engage with relevant stakeholders to make a real contribution to society locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Be inclusive, globally conscientious and socially respectful, and self-reflective.

  • Maintain and continuously develop awareness of their civic, ethical and environmental responsibilities.

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