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The Abertay Learning Enhancement (AbLE) Academy delivers and coordinates a wide range of student development activities and opportunities.

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The Abertay Learning Enhancement (AbLE) Academy delivers and coordinates a wide range of student development activities and opportunities. We do this working in partnership with students and the Abertay Students' Association.

These student development activities range from supporting and enhancing transitions and first year experience through the delivery of MySuccess modules to skills development opportunities through the Year 2 microcredentials. Our students as partners approach to student development is demonstrated through our activities where a range of projects and student voice initiatives are co-created and delivered.

Below provides details of our student development offering within the AbLE Academy.

MySuccess Modules

The MySuccess modules lie at the heart of your first-year undergraduate programme at Abertay University, serving as a fundamental component of student success. These modules are designed to equip students with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel academically and socially right from the start of their university journey.

ABE101 Being Successful at Abertay is the first MySuccess module available and is open to students as soon as online enrolment is complete (middle of August), with an assessment deadline set for week 2, term 1. This module provides crucial insights into navigating Abertay's systems, understanding the university's expectations, and introducing students to how university works. ABE101 also focuses on cultivating successful student behaviours, emphasising the importance of self-reflection and action planning.

Additionally, students are required to complete the Abertay Discovery Tool, which enables them to identify their strengths and areas for growth.

Upon successful completion of ABE101, students choose three optional modules. These optional modules cover various aspects of student success, addressing personal, academic, and social development.

  • ABE102: Successful Writing at Abertay

  • ABE103: Digital Skills for University & You!

  • ABE104: Dundee & Me

  • ABE105: Research & Enquiry Skills for the Digital Age

  • ABE106: How to sell your ideas!

  • ABE107: Planning your Future Career

  • ABE108: Your Student Life

  • ABE109: Wellbeing Tools & Tricks

Each MySuccess module carries a weight of 5 credits, representing 50 hours of dedicated learning time. To provide additional support and guidance, MySuccess module assistants, who are senior students with experience in these areas, are available to facilitate activities, respond to discussions, and further enrich the learning experience.

The MySuccess modules are an integral part of the first-year undergraduate programmes at Abertay University. All first-year students, excluding those pursuing mental health nursing, are required to complete these modules. This ensures that students receive the essential tools and resources needed to thrive both academically and socially throughout your time at Abertay.

By engaging in the MySuccess Modules, students will gain valuable skills, enhance self-awareness, and develop effective strategies for personal growth. Whether it's mastering time management, improving study techniques, fostering healthy relationships, or setting achievable goals, the MySuccess modules provide a solid foundation for success throughout the undergraduate journey at Abertay and beyond.

For more information on the MySuccess Modules please contact

Year 2 Microcredentials

In Year 2 of an Abertay University undergraduate degree programme, students are required to complete 20 credits of year 2 microcredentials. The microcredential options are diverse, with a combination of 5 and 10 credit options, allowing students to customise their learning experience.

For students entering Year 2, there is a core 10 credit microcredential called ABE201 Being Successful at University. This microcredential aims to support a smooth transition between college and university by addressing the differences and expectations of university life. It covers essential topics such as understanding university expectations, cultivating successful student behaviours, referencing, and academic writing skills.

The Year 2 microcredential offerings are designed to inform, engage, and empower. They encompass a wide range of subjects, including future careers, academic skills, and societal issues. Students have the opportunity to explore microcredentials in areas such as anti-racist communications, sustainability, and more.

These microcredentials go beyond subjects of study providing students with focused knowledge and practical skills that can be applied in your future careers. They not only enhance academic skills but also foster a deeper understanding of critical societal challenges. By completing these microcredentials, students will be better equipped to tackle real-world issues and contribute meaningfully to society.

Year 2 microcredentials offer an enriching and diverse learning experience for undergraduate students, preparing them for the complexities of their future careers and empowering them to become informed and responsible global citizens.

For more information about year 2 microcredentials, please email

Induction/First Year Experience

At Abertay, our work on Induction/First Year Experience is guided by the work of Lizzios (2006) five senses to student orientation. We believe that a successful transition into university life is crucial for student engagement and overall academic achievement. Therefore, we collaborate closely with students, academics and professional services to develop and implement effective induction and retention initiatives.

Our approach to the first-year experience extends beyond just the traditional first year of undergraduate studies. We recognise that students entering at various stages, such as direct entry to year 2, 3, or 4, also require comprehensive support and guidance. Whether students are joining us at the beginning of their academic journey or transferring from another institution, we aim to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters their growth and success.

Through our work, we strive to provide comprehensive orientation programmes that address the unique needs of each cohort. Our initiatives encompass academic support, social integration, personal development, and a sense of belonging within the university community. By offering a holistic range of services and activities, we aim to empower students to navigate their educational pathways confidently and make the most of their time at Abertay.

Ultimately, our goal is to facilitate a positive and enriching first year experience for all students, regardless of their entry point, setting a solid foundation for their academic journey and long-term success at our institution.

Students as Partners

Students as Partners is delivered in partnership with the Students’ Association and is founded upon the key principle that the student voice is integral to improving the quality of our academic programmes and our professional services.  

The Students as Partners activities seek to enable:

  1. the student voice to filter through all levels of the university’s quality and developmental processes.  This will see students being engaged across all levels of the University so that decisions are made with students, not for students, and that engagement with the student voice becomes a normal part of the university’s operation.

  2. the student voice to help inform the continuing development of the University’s learning and teaching vision as we move forward with new learning and teaching approaches, adopt new technologies and enhance the estate to meet the academic and social needs of students and staff.

  3. a series of focused and impactful student experience activities to be co-designed and delivered to improve the student learning experience and sense of community at Abertay.  Activities will be co-led by students and staff drawing in a wider engagement of students and staff from across the University.

Key projects that have been developed in the last year include:

  • the creation of ABE108 Your Student life: a first year microcredential that seeks to help students manage their lives in that transition to first year. This is delivered by the Students’ Association and is unique in being the only academic credit bearing module developed and delivered by a student body in the UK.

  • A group of students were employed to identify and design sustainability focused projects that could enhance programmes or improve the university’s sustainability infrastructure.

  • All AbLE Academy learning and teaching project funding are founded upon the principle of co-creation. Six projects were completed in 2023 and they all had students employed as key players in their design and delivery.

For students and staff interested in working on a students as partners project, please email

Student Voice

We want to hear from our students and the Unitu platform is a new way of students giving feedback and raising issues with academic staff.

Unitu allows students to post anonymous feedback to a space moderated by class representatives. Issues that are significant can be elevated by the class reps for the attention of staff (in the first instance the programme lead).

The programme lead can respond to the issue or, can identify a member of staff better placed to reply to the students. Staff can use the tool to ask the group questions about their experience. This can include consulting the students about proposed module changes or how they have found the assessment scheduling.

Abertay Attributes

At Abertay our goal is to develop well-rounded graduates who embody the Abertay Attributes in their future careers. The Abertay Attributes are personal, professional, intellectual, digital and active citizen. These attributes encourage students to foster socially responsible engagement locally and globally. Cultivate digital proficiency, adaptability, integrity, and leadership. Encourage continuous learning and interdisciplinary thinking. Instil critical evaluation skills and problem-solving acumen. Promote teamwork, equality, and subject mastery. Drive innovation, embrace lifelong learning, and apply knowledge effectively to address complex challenges with confidence.

Our holistic approach extends beyond the modules and programmes students’ study. We encourage students to apply these attributes to part-time employment, volunteering, and other developmental activities. Our goal is to create well-rounded, socially responsible graduates who thrive intellectually, professionally, and personally, while making impactful contributions to society.

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