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Roger Quarshie

An inspirational Abertay University student from Ghana will become the first in his family to graduate after leaving school with just one higher.

Roger Quarshie is preparing to go on to a Masters course having exceeded all expectations to secure a Bsc (Hons) in Strength and Conditioning at Abertay.

The student, who moved to Scotland at a young age and grew up in Glasgow’s Sighthill area, said he had been inspired to pursue a career in fitness and help others get fit after seeing the damage unhealthy lifestyles can have.

Roger arrived in Scotland at the age of 8 with his mother Mary, 54, and brothers Rex, 27 and Romeo, 30.

He came to Abertay after two years at Glasgow City College and a secondary school education at Stonelaw High School.

As a youngster he played sports including volleyball, badminton and particularly football, however Roger had always struggled academically.

“I wasn’t going to apply for uni at all, but a guy who gave a presentation at my college talked about how his mindset had been changed, and I wanted to try it.

“I now want to see how far I can go in education, and if I’m not going to fail I’m just going to keep going.

“I want to show people you don’t need to be that typical person who is good at everything and you can still do it, regardless of whether you come out of school with one higher.

“I now have something to lose and I know I need to focus.”

Roger’s final year project is based on using boxing to counteract stress and anxiety.

His family members will be in Dundee to watch him graduate.

“I want to be able to help fix people,” he said.