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Erin Stevenson

An award winning Abertay computer arts student who inherited her mum's love of gaming will graduate as a member of a fully operational games studio.

Erin Stevenson from Balloch first got into games through her mother's love of titles like Max Payne, which she would play on returning home from nightshift.

Drawn more to physics and maths than art as a schoolgirl, the 22-year-old has embraced animation at Abertay and is now part of games studio, Puny Astronaut, which won the Channel 4 prize at last year's Dare to be Digital competition.

Now preparing relaxation game Skye for the commercial market, Erin said graduation would be a proud day for her mum, who has supported her through her degree.

She added: "My mum has been into computer games for ages and she loves the sort of games you would get in arcades. It's always been fun to play these games with her and I guess that's how I got into it."

"She always says she couldn't be prouder - it's a typical mum reaction - but it's nice that she's so proud of me. She sent me a bouquet of flowers when I finally finished my exams and she's supported me all the way."

Despite growing into artistic expertise at University, Erin claimed she was "terrible" at art and computing at school until finding animation through a summer course.

She said: "I always liked doodling. I recall my English teacher looking over my shoulder and saying 'that's a nice drawing but can you get back to work please.'"

“Abertay was recommended by a friend who said it was a really good place for games and when I came up for the interview I said to myself - I'm coming here.”

Erin and the Puny Astronaut team will be spending the next few months polishing Skye - a game that sees the player control a friendly dragon to explore a whimsical fantasy world.

It has been showcased at both the Perth Museum and Art Gallery and Discovery Science Centre in Dundee and is now being developed for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.