Mrs Jan Law

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School School of Social and Health Sciences

Department Division of Sociology

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+44 (0)1382 30 8701


I have been a Teaching Fellow at Abertay Sociology department since 2006.

Before I came to Abertay I taught Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Stirling (Sociology and Sociology department),

Glasgow Caledonian University (Sociology department),

Strathclyde University (Sociology department) and Aberdeen University (Sociology department).

Aberdeen University (Sociology department)

Dundee University (Social Work and Community Education department)

Since 2006-2016) I also worked with for Open University as an Associate Lecturer teaching various areas of Sociology, Criminology and Social Policy.

My key areas of teaching are,

1st and 2nd level





Since 2000 I have extensive and continues experience in carrying out policy-orientated research evaluations for the Scottish Government and other government departments such as NHS Tayside, the Directorate of Public Health Dundee. 

The key focus of my research is education and health and the role of education, particularly of young people and risk in areas such as sexual health; smoking; physical exercise; homelessness among young disabled people; access to health care; and more recently sexual consent. This research often leads me to work with and research young people and hard-to-reach groups, vulnerable young people, teachers and other health and government professionals.

Currently I am working on developing innovative educational tools and gameing on sexual consent for schools. This study is a interdiciplinary approach with Computor games here at Abertay and a cross national study between Scotland and Portugal.




(2012) Annetts, J. & law, J. An evaluation Keep Well- Young Peoples Attitudes To Tobacco in Dundee Schools, for Tayside; Directorate of Public Health and Dundee City Council    

(2009) Lauder, B.  Harris, J. & Law, J  ‘Developing Self Neglect Theory: an analysis of related and atypical cases of people identified as self neglect. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 16, 447-454

(2007) Annetts, J. & Law, J. ‘Sex Education in Primary Schools’ in J. Leishman & J Moir (eds.) Pre Teen and Teenage Pregnancy: A 21st Century Reality  Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.

(2007) Daniel, B. Vincent, S. Ogilvie Whyte, S, Law, J. A process Review of the Child Reform Programme, ‘It’s Everyone’s Job to Make Sure I’m Alright’, Edinburgh: Scottish Executive.

(2007) Annetts, J and Law, J. ‘Promoting Health in Scottish Primary Schools: An Evaluation of Primary School Teachers Sexual Health Training in Tayside’, Edinburgh: Scottish Executive.

(2006) ‘Class, Stratification and Social Welfare in Scotland’, Social Care and Welfare Policy in Scotland, In Mooney. G., Sweeney, T. and Law, A., (eds.) Paisley: Unity Publications. Kynoch & Blaney Limited

(2002) Book review of Stanyer, J. ‘The Creation of Political News: Television of Party Political Conferences’, Media Culture & Society, 24.

(2002) ‘Magical Urbanism: Walter Benjamin, Urban Rubbish and Childhood in the Film Ratcatcher’, Historical Materialism, 10.4.

More Information


(2008-2011) Evaulation of Keep Well- Young Peoples Attitudes to Tobacco in Dundee Schools, for Tayside Directorate of Public Health and Dundee City Council (£40,083) University of Abertay

(2007-2008) Respect and Responsibility; A Review of Progress and Next Steps, for the Scottish Government (£4,479) University of Dundee and University of Abertay


Vice chair on the board of Governors for WRASAC Women Rape and Sexual Violence Centre Dundee since (2016)

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