Dr Wallace McNeish

Senior Lecturer

School School of Social and Health Sciences

Department Division of Sociology

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+44 (0)1382 30 8742


Wallace McNeish holds the following degrees:

BA (Hons) Social Sciences (Politics and Sociology), First Class, Glasgow Caledonian University, 1994.

M.Phil in Political in Political Theory and Philosophy, Distinction, Thesis: Habermas, Foucault and the New Social Movements, University of Glasgow, 1995.

PhD in Sociology, The Anti-Roads Protest Movement in Nineties Britain: a Sociological Interpretation, University of Glasgow, 2000.

Before coming Abertay he taught a variety of Sociology and Politics courses at the University of Glasgow, University of Stirling and Glasgow Caledonian University. He also worked as a contract researcher on a number of funded sociology projects at the University of Glasgow.

He was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2009 and served as Sociology Division Leader between 2011 and 2015 when he gave up the position because it ceased to be rotational and became permanent.

Wallace McNeish is currently Module Leader for

ELE011 Debating the 21st Century

SOC102 History and Social Change

SOC201 Classical Social Theory

SOC401 Political Sociology

SOC400 Sociology Honours Project


He contributes teaching to

SOC301 Contemporary Social Theory

ELE012 Film and Game Genres

Wallace McNeish has conducted published research in the following fields

Social Movements and Political Protest


The British Welfare State

Young People, Unemployment, Education, Training and Labour Markets in the European Union

Young People, Disadvantage and Access to Higher Education

The Effects of Studying Sociology upon the Lives of Non-Traditional Higher Education Students


He has recently developed a research interest in

The Computer Games Industry

Creative Industries

Apocalypticism in Contemporary Culture and Society

The Scottish Independence Movement


Wallace McNeish will consider supervisions for Masters by Research or PhDs that fall broadly within the fields indicated above.

McNeish, W. (2017) Interview with a Scottish Nationalist - the Life and Times of Gordon Wilson, Commonspace Serialisation, July 2017.

McNeish, W. (2017) From Revelation to Revolution: Apocalypticism in Green Politics, Environmental Politics, Vol 26, Issue 6, pp. 1035-1054. 

McNeish, W. & Olivier, S. (2017) Contracting the Right to Roam, in, Spracklen, K et al (eds) The Palgrave Handbook of Leisure Theory, London: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Annetts, J. & Law, A. & McNeish, W. & Mooney, G. (2009) Understanding Social Welfare Movements, Bristol: Policy Press.

Law, A. & McNeish, W. (2007) Contesting the New Irrational Actor Model: a Case Study of Mobile Phone Mast Protest, Sociology, June.

McNeish, W. & Loncle, P. (2006) Aides a L’Emploi des Juenes dans L’UE, Agora, Politiques Publiques de Juenesse en Europe, N0 42 – 4E Trimestre.

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Law, A. & McNeish, W. & Domenico, C di. (2005) Learning Sociology for Life:  the contribution of sociology in the lives and careers of ‘non-traditional’ students, Birmingham: C-SAP Research Report.

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McNeish, W. & Loncle, P.  (2004), State Policy and Youth Unemployment in the European Union, in Blasco, A. L. &  McNeish, W.  & Walther, A. (eds) Young People and the Contradictions of Inclusion, Bristol: Policy Press.

McNeish, W. & Loncle, P. (2004) Politica Publica y desempleo juvenilen la Union Europea: convergencia hacia las especificidades nacionales, Spanish Journal of Youth Studies, No 65, June.

Law, A. & McNeish, W. & Gray, L. (2003) Base Station Fears: the Paradox of Mobile Geography, Geography, November.

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Furlong, A.  &  McNeish, W.  (eds) (2001) Integration Through Training ? : Comparing  the Effectiveness of Strategies to Promote the Integration of Unemployed Young  People in the Aftermath of the 1997 Luxembourg Summit, Brussels: European Union.

McNeish, W.  (2000) The Vitality of Local Protest : Alarm UK and the British Anti-Roads Protest Movement - a Case Study, in Doherty, B. et al (eds), Direct Action in British Environmentalism, London: Routledge.

McNeish, W. (1999) Resisting Colonisation : the Politics of Anti-Roads Protesting, in Bagguley, P. and Hearn, J. (eds), (1999) Transforming Politics : Power and Resistance, London : MacMillan.

More Information


I have recently completed leading an ATLEF funded interdisciplinary research project entitled 'Creativity, Employability and the Gaming Habitus'. This project brought together members of the Sociology Division and the School of Arts, Media and Computer Games to research games, gaming, gamers and game cultures.


Currently External Examiner for BSc (Hons) Sociology and BA (Hons) Criminology, Teeside University.

External Examiner for: BA (Hons) Community Studies & BA (Hons) Applied Community Studies, University of Bolton, 2009-2014.

Grant Application Reviewer for the ESRC.

Referee for Sociological Research Online, Sociology, Mobilization, Journal of Youth Studies, Eastern Sociological Forum.

Knowledge Exchange

Wallace McNeish has given conference presentations, invited papers and interactive workshops over the past twenty years at a variety of venues including: the British Sociological Association (various venues), Alternative Futures (Manchester Metropolitan), Employment Research Institute (Napier University), C-SAP (Birmingham), European Youth Transitions (Madrid), British Philosophy of Sport Association (University of Brighton), DIGRA (Abertay University), University of Glasgow, Universitty of Bologna, University of Pamplona, University of Copenhagen, University of Niederrhein,  Heriot-Watt University.


The Sociology Division regularly engages in different forms of outreach, recruitment and public engagement activity including Information and Open Days, School and College visits, the hosting of Schools and Colleges teaching events, public debates and media contributions in relation to specialist research fields.

If you would like a sociologist from the Division to engage in any form of public engagement activity please use the contact details for staff provided on the University webpages.

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