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I am a lecturer and practitioner primarily interested in the creative processes of artists, designers and makers. I want to discover more about the role of the imagination in the day to day activities of visual arts practitioners: how we solve problems, explore the subconscious and express ourselves using visual means.

I moved to Dundee in 2006 to learn more about computer game development at Abertay, knowing the city’s reputation as a great place to study and make games. 

My formative years began in my Northern Ireland with the study of fine art and visual communication at the University of Ulster.  

Along the way, I’ve worked as a freelance designer, illustrator and computer game artist. I continue to work on external project briefs to keep my skills and my industry network up-to-date.

My personal art and design pedagogy is lead with a 'hands-on' approach - I engage students with interesting briefs that allow for self-determined practices and reflective dialogue.

I’ve previously guest-lectured at the Communications University of China in Beijing, co-organised JUMP! Games Jam and been Dundee site director for Global Games Jam.  I’m also involved in Dare to be Digital and Dare Academy Mentorship

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Ryans approach to teaching is informed by his traditional arts training, paying particular attention to fundamental drawing and painting skills that inform all aspects of visualisation and communication. This approach is further shaped by his experience with indsutrial digital art making practices. Employing a 'hands on' demonstration when teaching practical work, Ryan will show students how both tried-and-tested and contemporary techniques work and how they may be applied in practice, then creating the space for personal discovery, challenge and aspiration. 


ART104 - 3D Digital Design

ART204 - Concept Visualisation

ART302 - Computer Arts Practice

ART405 - Honours Project (Honours Supervisor) 


AG0710a - Visual Literacy (Co-tutor)

AG0815a -  Digital Visualization (Tutor)

AG0841a - 3D Modeling for Games (Co-tutor)

AG0912a - Computer Arts Practice (Tutor)

AG0980a - Professional Project (Academic Mentor)

AG1084 & 87a - Honours Project; Research Methods and Dissertation - (Project Supervisor)

AG0730a - Dynamic Communications

AG0731a - Pre-visualisation

AG0840a - Character Animation


My research and practice interests are as follows:

Concept Design:


Imagination and Creative Process.

Drawing Ethnography.

Process Phenomenology.

Higher Education Teaching and Learning. 

Hybrid Pedagogy 

Art and Design Practice. 

Visual Communication

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2013 - Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (HEA).

2013 - Develop '30 under 30' Award. 



2015 - Speaker - TIGA Softlayer UK Roadshow - Future of Video Game Infrastructure. 

2015 - Global Game Jam, Dundee site Director. 150 Participants from our student body, local/national industry and Dundee University.

2014 - JUMP! Jam co-organiser. Abertay University. Participants from mix of independent game developers from across the UK,  start-up game developers, recent graduates and staff from Abertay University

2014 - Global Game Jam / Scottish Game Jam. Dundee site Director. 80 Participants from the local staff, student and industry game-making body. 

2013 - Guest Speaker - ENABLE Scotland Workshop. Collaboration with Guerilla Tea, a Dundee based games development studio.

2013 - Global Game Jam / Scottish Game Jam. Dundee site Director. 50 Participants from the local staff, student and industry game-making body.

2013 - TIGA GameHack 2 - Dundee Director - Charity game jam to raise money for Special Effect. Run in tandem with a London team. 

2012 - Guest of Honour - ANIWOW! Festival 2012 - Communication University Of China, Beijing. 

2012 - Visiting Lecture -  'Can I Eat It? - Visual consumption and identity in a busy market' - Communications University of China, Beijing. 

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