Dr Rwayda Al Hamd


School School of Applied Sciences

Department Division of Engineering and Food Sciences



Module Lead:

  • EEM405: Advanced Structural Design
  • EEM207: Engineering Science 3
  • EEM104: Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • EEM102: Engineering Science 2

In the teaching team of:

  • EEM400: Structural Design and Geotechnical Engineering
  • EEM305: Structural Engineering 2
  • ABE106: How to sell your ideas!
  • EEM303: Placement
  • EEM403: Integrating Group Project
  • EEM502: MEng Integrating Group Project
  • EEM516: : Innovation in Design


Structural engineering

  • Numerical modelling of reinforced concrete, timber and asphalt pavement.
  • Fire safety and risk analysis.
  • Structural steel design and traditional structural engineering.
  • Structural stability.

Civil and Environmental engineering 

  • Using sustainable material to enhance pavement characteristics.
  • Human behaviour in fire and the effect of that on designing the buildings to maximizing its safety.
  • Artificial neural network uses in civil engineering.

Public Engagement

Organises annual International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), promoting diversity and accessibility in STEM subjects, with a focus on engineering and a volunteer as part of the podcast team of Technically Speaking | a science and engineering discussion.

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